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Gavin Purcell Signs Overall Deal at Universal Television

Writer and producer Gavin Purcell has signed an overall deal at Universal Television for both scripted and unscripted programming. The deal marks a homecoming of sorts for Purcell, who previously worked as a producer and writer on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” helping the show win the Emmy in 2015 for social TV experience […]

Two Connecticut television stations being sold to former Gannett Co. broadcast division

Tribune Co.combind the operations of The Hartford Courant newspaper and television stations and WTIC-TV and WTXX-TV in Hartford. (AP Photo/Bob Child) Tribune Co.combind the operations of The Hartford Courant newspaper and television stations and WTIC-TV and WTXX-TV in Hartford. (AP Photo/Bob Child) Article source:

Breaking News – MGM Television and Mark Burnett Announce Multi Year Production Deal with Bethenny Frankel

MGM TELEVISION AND MARK BURNETT ANNOUNCE MULTI YEAR PRODUCTION DEAL WITH BETHENNY FRANKEL Los Angeles, CA (March 19, 2019) – MGM Television and Mark Burnett, Worldwide Television Group Chairman, partner with entrepreneur, television personality, author, philanthropist, Bethenny Frankel for a multi-year deal for unscripted development expanding upon Frankel’s previous television and business experiences. Frankel represented […]

KSBW-TV, Hearst Television honored for commitment to political coverage

Action News and KSBW’s parent company Hearst Television have been honored again with the USC Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism. It’s the 10th consecutive Hearst Television has received the award in the Station Group category. The award recognizes the work of KSBW-TV and the other Hearst Television stations around the country […]

Television commercials featuring perfect people could be making us miserable

It’s the question that has baffled economists for generations. Why doesn’t economic growth make us happier? This used to be known as “Easterlin’s Paradox” after economist Richard Easterlin. He pointed out way back in the 1970s that the industrialized world’s miraculous leaps in per capita GDP were not being matched by much, if any, gains […]

‘Arrested Development’ Used To Be The Funniest Show On Television. What Happened?

Even Michael Bluth can’t find anything funny in the latest season of ‘Arrested Development.’Saeed Adyani/Netflix The Banana Stand. Stair cars. Motherboy. The Blue Man Group. Illusions. Gene Parmesan. Marry me! Ice cream sandwiches. The chicken dance. Seals. Lucilles. The list goes on. Arrested Development made all these random things part of a greater comedy lexicon, which […]

Baba-loney! Television fearful to deliver reality of mixed-race marriages and relationships (L.A. PARKER COLUMN

Google Doodle paid tribute yesterday to Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake. The online daily notice about interesting people and topics noted that “When Seiichi Miyake found out a close friend was losing the ability to see clearly, he wanted to help. That desire led to an entirely new way for the visually impaired to navigate big […]

Former coaches-turned-television analysts like what Jay Wright has done at Villanova

“Any coach ideally wants to have the personnel that allows you to play with a margin for error,” he said, “where you can have an off-night in one aspect of play and still be able to get wins because of the firepower. But in some respects, it’s the teams that don’t have the firepower that, […]

In a World of Televisions

Americans have a genuine fondness for celebrities, and one of their favorite pastimes is watching them on television; from weekly dramas to sports, comedy and reality tv, people are tuning in daily. Television is big business, and executives are aware of what it takes to keep a successful show on the air, keeping its viewers […]

Television | In Catastrophe, true love is not convenient

When ‘‘Catastrophe’’ began in 2015, its title seemed to refer to a discrete event. Rob (Rob Delaney), an American businessman visiting London, had a whirlwind fling of marathon sex with Sharon (Sharon Horgan), who got pregnant. He stayed, they married, they bumpily transitioned from unplanned pregnancy to an unplanned life. By the raunchy, glorious end […]