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Bah Humbug to the Max – TVBites

by Neena Louise I write this the first week of November and I’m already sick and bloody tired of Christmas. I saw my first Christmas television ad at the end of August (yes, August). It was for some local Christmas show and urged viewers to "book your tickets now". I think not. The next ad […]

Controversy Over ‘Glee’ Teen Sex Episode

Tuesday’s episode of "Glee" sparks controversy as audiences watch both straight and gay teen couples lose their virginities ‘Glee‘ Sparks Controversy With ‘First Time’ Episode? ABC News (blog) Teen sex scenes get Glee grief? Vancouver Sun ‘Glee‘: Ryan Murphy defends tonight’s controversial teen sex … Entertainment Weekly Glee deals ‘delicately’ with issue of teen and gay […]

TV Pick: Community

One of the funniest and yet still undiscovered by many shows in television, Community has more laughs for smart people per half hour than anything on TV. In this episode, during Troy and Abed’s housewarming party, the study group experience six parallel realities dependent on who leaves the apartment to pick up pizza from the […]

POPLYFE – Amazing Beatles Come Together Cover

We aren’t your average reality show fan, but we must admit that America’s Got Talent may have gotten it right with this band of kids called PopLyfe. This Beatles cover is not just a great cover, it shows some serious musical talent. About PopLyfe PopLyfe is leading the next generation of gifted musicians and artists […]

We Told You George

Remember when Conan went to TBS and it was all sweetness and George Lopez welcomed the great red one with open arms. We were amazed in the climate at the time at how well George took it as we all knew that TBS could not support two late night shows. Guess what, we were right. […]

TV Bites: Sum-Sum-Summer, It’s Reality Summer

by Neena Louise As usual, the summer TV "season" heralds the return of reality programming. I like some reality programming, but much of it is just kind of…sad. I often wonder what sort of people want to go on a reality show to bare themselves (sometimes literally) for the entire nation to see. For the […]

Jumping the Shark with glee – Chuck Season 5 Morgan vs. the Intersect

You have to love Chuck to get this but in this comic-con exclusive preview we get Jeffster doing Eye of the Tiger, Morgan training to be the intersect, and some other great inside stuff.  Great stuff for fans, if you don’t watch Chuck, don’t bother with this because you just wont get it.

Beavis and Butthead Sneak Preview

Holy cornholio they are back! Here is a 5 minute preview from the new Beavis and Butthead – The Holy Cornholio. Get More: Beavis and Butt-Head, MTV Shows

TV Bites – Books: The Original TV

OPINION By Neena Louise I was on the phone with my sister one evening, lamenting the lack of watchable television. As we both went through the hundreds of channels available to us, we just kept saying "nah…nah" to everything that was on. Frustrated, I finally said "Oh, screw it. I’ll read instead. There are always […]

The 2010-2011 Twelfth Annual TV BiteMes

by Neena Louise Worst Actress Stana Katic, "Kate Beckett", Castle For the third year in a row. Katic had just two expressions: blank and pissed-off. Combine that with the zero chemistry between her and co-star Nathan Fillion, and she just has to go. Best Actress Cloris Leachman, "Maw Maw", Raising Hope Though the entire cast […]