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Man-Thing (2005)

By Michael Jan 24, 2024

Coed type girl runner in swamp what could go wrong

First titties I ever saw in a marvel movie somebody is obviously dead soon… yep

Those were nice boobs though

Why is there so much desert in Louisiana

(Is this made in Australia the actors sound like redneck Australians)

This is so unintentionally hilarious the third grade hot teacher with the Australian.. Née southern accent is just…

I like how over the top everything is the hicks just have to have confederate flags and the logo of the oil company has to be looking like a swastika

The coroner is smoking and yet won’t answer the phone cause he is gloved up… u sure this isn’t a comedy

Steve mcGarrett from Hawaii 5-0 is the deputy which I didn’t know he was Australian til I heard his bs accent in this. He was young though so he gets a pass.

The upside down conversation I started to think they were going to kiss Spider-Man style cut him down already.

Damn Steve’s dead. I was hoping for an appearance from Scott Caan.

He’s arguing with the photographer in Australian again

This is the most Australian movie I have ever seen. You would think they could find one actor from Louisiana to at least teach them the accent.

It’s literally now we just laugh every time the bad guys talk because it’s Redneck Australian Nazi swamp people.

Credit where it’s due the man-thing close up shots with the Indian Australian dude we’re good creature effects and ok cgi for this budget level.

Thank god we can blame the dice gods for this schlockfest.

More nice creature effects in the end fight at least til the fiery creature bit

Man thing dissolves??? For some reason??? Another kiss and end movie

What the heck was that it was just weird man thing isn’t anything this all feels very unmarvel there are no heroes and nothing tying into lore and really no reason for this to exist

Imogen Bailey’s Boobs get a B the rest of this movie gets a f- it’s a fun hate watch, but that’s about it. Wish we would have watched it mst3k style.

By Michael

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