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Bad Gyal Talks Her First Album ‘La Joia,’ Working With Young Miko, Rauw Alejandro & More | Billboard News

By Michael Jan 28, 2024

Up-and-coming Spanish artist Bad Gyal talks about how she separates who she is in real life, Alba, from her onstage persona Bad Gyal, making her first album ‘La Joia,’ getting to work with Tokischa on her hit song “Chulo” and getting Young Miko on the remix “Chulo Part 2,” why she didn’t want to twerk with Rauw Alejandro at his show in Puerto Rico and more!

Bad Gyal:
When I saw my grandmother at one of my concerts, I thought, “I can relax now. If she approves it. If she is looking at me with illusion and understanding it’s me, then everything is fine.”

Bad Gyal:
Hi I’m Bad Gyal and this is Billboard News.

Leila Cobo:
Alba Farelo, Bad Gyal, welcome to Billboard! How do you separate yourself from Alba and Bad Gyal? Both in fashion and personality, as in everything, or do you see them as the same?

Bad Gyal:
In terms of fashion and how I express myself, I feel there is not that much difference. If I go to an informal dinner with my friends, I end up dressing a little like this too. Maybe not so…mmmm but my style is something that goes beyond my profession and my character, but in terms of my life and my personality, many times people get the wrong idea of how I should be personally, because of my music, my style, my way of dancing and expressing myself. Actually, I consider myself more of a chill person obviously I love Rumba, I love parties, I love music and moving my a–. That’s not a lie. But I do have this other side that likes to just chill out.

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By Michael

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