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Rob Gronkowski Is Ready for a Dance Off Rematch With Travis Kelce

By Michael Feb 2, 2024

Rob Gronkowski is ready to put his dancing shoes back on for a rematch against Travis Kelce.

“We had a great dance off when he was at that Gronk Beach Party,” Gronkowski, 34, exclusively recalls to Us Weekly while chatting about his partnership with Bounty. “His hips — he’s fluid, he’s loose, he can move, he can groove, he can drop it low. And I would say I was matching him at that moment.”

Gronkowski noted that he won’t be able to have a do-over with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, at the Gronk Beach Party event in Las Vegas on Saturday, February 10, since the Chiefs will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers the following day.

“I would love to have a rematch versus Travis and a dance off, but unfortunately, I will not be able to do that this upcoming Super Bowl because that was actually at my Gronk Beach Party when the draft was in Vegas,” he explains. “Now I have another Gronk Beach Party the Saturday prior to the Super Bowl game, and he’ll be playing in the Super Bowl game.”

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While Gronkowski says he’s not sure who was victorious, Julian Edelman, who was present during the dance off, thinks there may have been a clear winner.

“I mean, I don’t have no bias or anything, but Gronk’s got a mean Gronk shake. He does this shake move thing where the whole body’s shaking. You see six foot eight solid muscle shaking around that way, it’s hard not to pick that,” the former New England Patriots player, 37, says.

Rob Gronkowski Is Ready for a Dance Off Rematch With Travis Kelce His Hips are Loose 737
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Gronkowski, who played tight end for the Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, previously recalled the dance competition during an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in January, and admitted it ended in a tie.

“I mean, we’re great dance partners,” Gronkowski said after host Jimmy Fallon displayed a clip of their moves. “Imagine if we were teammates on the field, on the same team, as well. Oh man, that would be pretty impressive. We would dominate like the dance floor.”

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When Gronkowski isn’t busting a move on the dance floor and Edelman isn’t serving as a judge, they’re teaming up with Bounty.

“He’s got my back, I got his back, just like Bounty has our back whenever we create a mess, especially when we eat our favorite food together and that’s buffalo chicken wings,” Gronkowski says of his relationship with Edelman. “I get a little bit of messy at Julian’s house every time we’re together in LA, but then here comes the Bounty paper towel and just cleans the mess right on up.”

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