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Dom Dolla Talks First Grammy Nomination, Hopes to Bring His Mom to the Ceremony: ‘I Enjoy Sharing These Moments With Family’

By Michael Feb 4, 2024

After a breakthrough year, Dom Dolla received his first-ever Grammy nomination for best remix recording of his remix of “New Gold” by the Gorillaz and Tame Impala, and to celebrate, he sat down with Billboard‘s Katie Bain to discuss how he found out about the nod.

“I was in bed, I woke up, checked my phone and started swearing,” he recalls with a laugh. “It was a weird morning. Honestly, back home in Australia, it’s the only award that all of my Australian friends and family understand is the highest national honor of music. It’s been the coolest part. I was back home in Australia and all my friend and family were bugging out.”

He continued, “I was thinking of inviting my mom over and bringing her to the Grammys. I enjoy sharing those moments with family.”

As for where he gets inspiration to create music, Dom says that it’s very personal. “A lot of the time, it’s turning my phone off, having a coffee, going through — I have a folder of inspiration of things that I love, whether that’s moods or vocals that I like or certain tones or sounds that I really enjoy,” he explains. “It’s just every song that I ever listened to that I was a fan of growing up put into a blender that in my brain and spat out the other side.”

The 66th annual Grammy Awards will air live on Sunday (Feb. 4) on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. Watch Billboard‘s full interview with Dom Dolla above.

By Michael

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