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Killer Mike Was Arrested After Altercation With a Grammy Security Guard: New Details

A brief argument between Killer Mike and Grammy Awards security personnel over access credentials led to the Atlanta rapper’s arrest Sunday night, a source close to the situation tells Billboard.

The incident took place outside the Peacock Theater where many of the awards were announced and handed out Sunday, before the main televised ceremony took place inside of arena.

Approximately one hour after Killer Mike – whose real name is Michael Render – won three Grammy Awards for rap song of the year and rap performance of the year for “Scientists & Engineers” and rap album of the year for Michael, Render exited a secure area at the Peacock Theater, and then attempted to return with several individuals, according to the source. Render was stopped by security as he attempted to reenter the secure area, the source says, and venue personnel demanded to see his access credentials. Render then shoved a female private security official blocking him from returning to the Peacock Theater, the source says. Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to the incident and placed Render in handcuffs after learning that the security official wanted to press charges against Render.

“The suspect was placed under arrest and was transported to LAPD Central Division,” explained a statement provided to Billboard at the time. Render was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and was released without bail.

At press time, neither reps for the rapper nor the Recording Academy had responded to requests for comment.

On Monday morning (Feb. 5), Render downplayed the incident while appearing on V103’s Big Tigger Morning Show. When host Tigger asked “what happened” on Sunday night, Render referred to it as a “speed bump” in an otherwise monumental night.

“I won a Grammy,” Render said. “We party all night. Shout out to my record label. Ain’t nothing had happened, man. But we winners. That’s it.”

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