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Taylor Swift Sends Cease and Desist Over Celebrity Jet Tracker Account

By Michael Feb 7, 2024
Taylor Swift Sends Cease and Desist Over Celebrity Jet Tracker Account 761
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Taylor Swift is threatening to take legal action over an account that tracks her private jet on social media.

Jack Sweeney, who runs accounts that track the planes of countless public figures, received a cease and desist from Swift’s legal team, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, February 6. The letter, which was obtained by the outlet, stated that Swift, 34, would “have no choice but to pursue any and all legal remedies” if Sweeney, 21, did not stop his “stalking and harassing behavior.”

According to the legal document, Swift has felt a “constant state of fear for her personal safety” due to the information shared on Sweeney’s social media accounts. Sweeney takes public information from the Federal Aviation Administration in addition to data from volunteers who track their own signals.

“While this may be a game to you, or an avenue that you hope will earn you wealth or fame, it is a life-or-death matter for our Client,” Swift’s attorney Katie Wright Morrone wrote, adding there is “no legitimate interest in or public need for this information, other than to stalk, harass, and exert dominion and control.”

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Swift has dealt with stalkers throughout her career. Swift’s spokesperson, Tree Paine, shared a statement with the outlet about how Sweeney’s accounts have aided Swift’s stalkers.

“We cannot comment on any ongoing police investigation but can confirm the timing of stalkers suggests a connection,” the statement read. “His posts tell you exactly when and where she would be.”

Sweeney, for his part, alleged he received the letter as an attempt to silence him from sharing public information and claimed that the letter arrived at his home around a time Swift was facing controversy over her flights’ environmental impact.

“This information is already out there,” he said to WaPo. “Her team thinks they can control the world.”

This isn’t the first time Sweeney has received backlash for tracking flights. In 2022, he was banned on X for tracking owner Elon Musk as well.

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“Any account doxxing real-time location info of anyone will be suspended, as it is a physical safety violation. This includes posting links to sites with real-time location info,” Musk, 52, wrote via X in December 2022 explaining the decision for the ban. “Posting locations someone traveled to on a slightly delayed basis isn’t a safety problem, so is ok.”

Musk later threatened to take legal action against Sweeney after the businessman claimed someone followed his son, X Æ A-12, thinking it was him instead.

“Last night, car carrying lil X in LA was followed by crazy stalker (thinking it was me), who later blocked car from moving & climbed onto hood,” he tweeted. “Legal action is being taken against Sweeney & organizations who supported harm to my family.”

By Michael

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