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Teddy Swims Talks ‘Lose Control’ Success & Why He Still Hasn’t Tried Therapy

By Michael Feb 7, 2024

Teddy Swims notched his long overdue first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart with the soulful “Lose Control,” and to celebrate, he sat down with Billboard‘s Tetris Kelly to share the inspiration and lessons from making the track.

“I’m super grateful that person [that broke my heart],” he said of the song’s writing process. “I think it’s so great to know that that pain is necessary because […] you know, pain is paying the bills still. I’m trying to stop putting myself in positions to get hurt because you’ll always have to do that but they say the best revenge is success.”

And, no, despite his album name, I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy, he still hasn’t tried therapy. “I lied to everyone,” he said with a laugh. “But I am going to start. We’re finding that person currently.”

He added that he’s worried that therapy might “change the fabric of my being” that comes with the anxiety. “It’s just like, like my little tics and my little anxiety that I have, my own ways — which is not a right way to go about it. But I’ve always had these certain like — I’m comfortable in my existence and I’m terrified to change.”

Watch Billboard‘s full interview with Teddy Swims above.

By Michael

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