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Madison Beer Gets Ready for the 2024 Grammys Red Carpet | Billboard

By Michael Feb 8, 2024

Pop star and Grammy nominee Madison Beer talks about her nomination for her album ‘Silence Between the Songs,’ some of her past red carpet looks and more while she gets ready for the 2024 Grammys red carpet.

Madison Beer
Oh hello Billboard, it’s Madison Beer. The Grammys are about to start, so come in with me and get ready.

Madison Beer
I definitely did not set my expectations high because I shouldn’t feel a moment of disappointment today. This is like an amazing achievement that I’m even going, let alone nominated. It’s ridiculous. I was nominated for best immersive album, which is a really cool category, because it’s sort of like the way you mix the music. And it’s this really immersive sound and experience and I wanted people to feel like they were sort of being like, transported away. I wanted to be able to listen to the whole album and feel. Yeah, I don’t know. Like, maybe you were being taken somewhere else. Yeah, it was obviously an honor to be nominated for that.

Madison Beer
I’m honestly the worst when it comes to preparation for things. Like I didn’t shave my legs last night because I was like, Yes, I’m wearing a long dress. I don’t have to. Things like that I just like don’t, I don’t wanna say care enough, because that sounds wrong. I do care, but I don’t care enough at the same time. And I’m not really good at these types of things. I feel a lot of impostor syndrome when I’m like, amongst these people, and I’m at these places. I just, I don’t know, I still feel like, what am I doing here?

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By Michael

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