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David Krumholtz Recalls Ruining Hilary Duff’s 2002 Disney Parade

By Michael Feb 14, 2024
David Krumholtz, Hilary Duff. Getty Images(2)

David Krumholtz apologized for ruining Hilary Duff’s experience during the Disney World Christmas parade over two decades ago.

In a series of posts shared via X, Krumholtz, 45, recalled arriving at the parade in 2002 and being told to dress like his character from The Santa Clause franchise, Bernard, including donning the elf ears and costume.

Krumholtz noted he wasn’t expecting this wardrobe, and he had instead planned on wearing a Disney sweater with “Pluto in a Christmas hat sewn on the front.”

“I can’t adjust to this news,” he wrote on Monday, February 12. “I will be in full costume (no wig) ‘elf dancing’ on a float with Hillary Duff [sic] who will sing the song she recorded for the film’s soundtrack.”

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Krumholtz proceeded to call his publicist, who swore “up and down” that it was never mentioned he would be dressing up like his character. Krumholtz added he “never thought [he’d] wear that s–t again,” joking that his “image [was] under threat.”

“I tell them I won’t do it,” he wrote. “I refuse. I pitch myself riding solo on a horse drawn carriage in front of Hillary Duff’s [sic] float. As me. Myself. David f–king Krumholtz. In a Pluto sweater.”

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Krumholtz recognized he “put them in a bind,” adding that he felt “bad” but “justified.” Krumholtz eventually got the green light on his idea, and he recalled Duff, 36, standing alone behind him on The Santa Clause 2 float during the parade.

“I turn & look back at her & give her a friendly wave hello,” he wrote. “I’ve never met her before. She responds with a pissed off ‘what the f–k?’ shrug. I turn back around. ‘Ok, don’t look at Hillary Duff [sic] again.’ I’m high. I’m fine with myself. This is gonna be great! Regis Philbin hosting!”

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He continued, “We take off. Hillary [sic] lip syncing behind me. Regis announces me to the crowd, but does NOT say that I play Bernard. Seemingly, the entire crowd of tourists starts yelling ‘Who ARE you?’ at me. I’m yelling back ‘I play Bernard the Elf!’ They can’t hear me. Excruciating.”

Krumholtz noted that he didn’t work for Disney again for 20 years after his parade incident, adding he’s yet to have a reunion with Duff and owes “her an amends.” (Krumholtz again played Bernard in 2022 during the Disney+ series The Santa Clauses.)

“I accept the elf thing now,” he concluded. “Note to actors: Never poo poo any work. You are not above the privilege of working in film and television. I’m a fool. The end.”

By Michael

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