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Matt Damon Says Dunkin Commercial Was ‘Clearly’ Not His Idea

By Michael Feb 15, 2024
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Matt Damon is a creative mastermind, but he’s not the brains behind his Dunkin’ commercial — that credit goes to Ben Affleck.

“[It was] clearly not my idea,” Damon, 53, revealed about the duo’s Super Bowl LVIII ad while visiting The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, February 13.

“We had a lot of fun doing it though,” he added of the project, which was created by Affleck, 51, and their production company, Artists Equity. “It was great.”

In the ad, Damon along with his longtime BFF and former football star Tom Brady are featured in a fake band that attempts to spark Affleck’s pop music career. Together, the trio dawns matching fluorescent orange outfits and make up the boy band The Dunkings. During the commercial, which aired on Sunday, February 11, the Boston celebrities dance and sing in front of Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, hoping to land a spot on her upcoming album.

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While chatting with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, Damon revealed that he did contribute one thing to the commercial, which he claimed he wasn’t expecting.

Damon confessed his line at the end of the commercial, where he tells Affleck, “Remember how I said I would do anything for you? This is anything,” wasn’t scripted.

“I actually said that to him when we were filming,” Damon laughed as he recalled the day on set. “And he just left it in.”

He added, “[It] was a perfectly-timed ad-lib that snuck its way into the ad’s final cut.”


While continuing to speak about the commercial, Colbert, 59, surprised Damon by pulling out a pair of the matching sets that the Dunkings sported in the ad.

“Dunkin actually sold these ridiculous outfits,” Colbert informed Damon.

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“I didn’t know they were going to do that,” Damon exclaimed. “I had no idea!”

The two then proceeded to put them over their clothes, with Damon inviting Colbert to officially join the group. “The only qualification for being a Dunking is the willingness to put this on — so you’re in the band!” the actor quipped. “You made it!”

By Michael

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