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‘Siesta Key’ Cast’s Dating Histories: A Guide to Who’s Hooked Up With Who

By Michael Feb 18, 2024

Siesta Key has featured hookups, breakups, makeups and everything in between since its 2017 premiere.

When the show debuted, Alex Kompothecras was at the center. Before filming began, he had a relationship with his lifelong friend Madisson Hausburg and went on to date Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens before settling down and starting a family with Alyssa Salerno.

Madisson, for her part, dated Brandon Gomes before eventually settling down with the show’s former producer Ish Soto who is 20 years her senior.

“It’s really tough. I mean, I’m so grateful that people care and want to, you know, put their two cents in and have their opinions and, like, are so invested in our show,” Madisson exclusively told Us Weekly in May 2021. “But at the same time, like, it’s really hard to put ourselves out there and then to get so much criticism in return.”

Scroll down for a breakdown of everyone who’s dated on Siesta Key:

Alex Kompothecras
The original star of Siesta Key dated Madisson throughout high school, then moved on to Juliette during the first season of the show. He also had flings with Kelsey and Cara Geswelli before getting into a relationship with Alyssa Salerno. The pair welcomed a daughter in June 2020. (Alex was cut from the show midway through season 3 following racially charged comments.)
Courtesy of Alex Kompothecras/Instagram
Juliette Porter
When Juliette was first introduced on Siesta Key, she was hooking up with Alex. The pair had an on-and-off relationship for years, even hooking up in Nashville during a group trip when he was in a relationship with Alyssa. She briefly went on to date Garrett Miller and later Robby Hayes before meeting Sam Logan. The pair dated for less than two years, splitting in August 2021.
Courtesy of Juliette Porter/Instagram
Chloe Trautman
For the most part, Chloe has kept her relationships private. In May 2021, she revealed she’s dating Christopher Long and has since been vocal about their romance on Instagram. The pair announced their engagement in November 2021 and tied the knot the following February.
Courtesy of Chloe Trautman/Instagram
Madisson Hausburg
Madisson dated Alex on and off throughout high school in Siesta Key. During season 1, she sparked a romance with Brandon, but they later split after he cheated. She ultimately moved on with Ish Soto, who was a producer during the show’s first season. The duo announced their engagement in August 2020. One year later, they revealed they were expecting their first child.
The pair tied the knot in October 2021 and two months later Madisson announced she had a stillbirth at 37 weeks. The couple honored their late son, Elliott, by keeping his ashes in a small jar in their home. In July 2023, Madisson announced she was pregnant with baby No. 2. Daughter Sunday was born in February 2024.
Courtesy of Madisson Hausburg/Instagram
Kelsey Owens
When she moved to Siesta Key, Kelsey began dating Garrett Miller. During the first season, she fell for Alex while he was dating Juliette. Since 2020, she has been dating Max Strong. They got engaged in September 2023.
Courtesy of Kelsey Owens/Instagram
Brandon Gomes
During the fourth episode of Siesta Key, Brandon began dating Madisson, who was his best friend Alex’s ex. He ultimately cheated on her and the pair split. Brandon went on to have a fling with Amanda Marie Miller and dated Camilla Cattaneo. During an August 2020 reunion special, it was revealed that Brandon had cheated on Camilla and welcomed a child with Delainey Shae.
Courtesy of MTV
Garrett Miller
When Siesta Key began, Garrett was dating Kelsey. After the pair split, he briefly dated Juliette and Cara. In September 2020, he began dating Makenna Quesenberry. The couple revealed their relationship via social media the following month and got engaged in November 2021.
Courtesy of Garrett Miller/Instagram

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