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Garth Brooks Invites Travis Kelce to Sing ‘Friends in Low Places’ at Brooks’ Honky Tonk and Bar Opening

By Michael Feb 21, 2024

Travis Kelce truly has at least one friend in low places. 

On Garth Brooks’ Inside Studio G episode Tuesday night (Feb. 20), Brooks invited the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end to the official opening of Brooks’ Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk in Nashville on March 7. The Super Bowl champ famously sang a portion of the song, in a seemingly very inebriated state, during the Chief’s victory parade in Kansas City on Feb. 14. 

“Did you guys see Travis Kelce’s version of ‘Friends in Low Places?’ Did you see him sing this? I loved it, I thought it was fantastic,” Brooks asked during the episode. “It blew me away because I’m sitting there watching it as it’s going down, right. I never expected that.” 

Though Brooks had said that he and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, did not plan on being at the opening, he would make an exception if Kelce decided to come. “Big man, I’m just telling you this. I will be at grand opening if you’re there,” he continued. “I’ll send a plane if you want another shot at the title. If you want to come sing that, I’ll send a plane. You can come by yourself or bring your brother or your gang, whatever you want to do. The plane holds 11, just remember that. So, yes, I’ll be happy to send this invite out to you if you want to try a little ‘Friends in Low Places’ in Friends in Low Places.” Check out Brooks’ invite around the 20 minutes mark.

Brooks did caution, however, that “We’re going to do it early, Travis,” perhaps before Kelce would have much time to imbibe. 

Brooks’ Friends in Low Places bar had a soft launch several weeks ago, with two of the four floors open several days a week. However, on March 7, all four floors of the 54,715 square-foot space will now be open. The first floor features two bars and a dance floor. The second floor offers two additional bars and a mezzanine overlooking the stage below. The third floor will house intimate private event spaces and a patio, while the rooftop fourth floor has two full bars. 

Kelce warbled “Friends in Low Places” shortly before the parade’s end when two shooters opened fire, killing one attendee and injuring at least 25 others. Kelce has since made a $100,000 donation to two siblings, both of whom were shot in the incident. 

By Michael

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