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Ice Spice On Advice From Taylor Swift, BLACKPINK’s Lisa at Eras Tour & More | Billboard News

Ice Spice opens up about her friendship with Taylor Swift, being inspired by Lana Del Rey and Rihanna, her four Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 Hits and more. BLACKPINK’s Lisa attended Taylor Swift’s show in Singapore and Rosé was front row at the Chanel fashion show in Paris. AESPA’s Karina shared a heartfelt apology to fans after news broke that she is dating actor Lee Jae Wook. The legendary girl group, Spice Girls celebrated the 30th anniversary of their first audition. And more!

Tetris Kelly
Ice Spice talks Lana and Taylor, the latest on Lisa, Jennie and Karina, a girl power throwback from the Spice Girls. We sit down with 5sos’ Luke Hemmings and look at Women In Music honoree PinkPantheress’success. Happy Tuesday March 5, I’m Tetris and this is Billboard News. It’s no secret it is the week of Women In Music, and we’re giving out all the flowers. Let’s kick things off with our interview with Ice. Ice Spice gets advice from Taylor Swift as she discusses Lana Del Rey and some other inspirations that may shock you, Billboard chatted with the princess let’s dive in. Fact is that Taylor Swift and Ice Spice have been proven to be new besties and Taylor is a good friend telling Ice, “No matter what just keep making music and everything’s going to be fine.” And it is Ice scored four Billboard Hot 100 top tens in 2023 saying her favorite was “Princess Diana” with Nicki Minaj. And she hit up the Super Bowl with Tay and Lana Del Rey who was real inspo, our Women In Music honoree talked about her favorite hitmakers. “I would say Lana Del Rey, I’m obsessed with her and I feel like all of her songs are hits even the ones that aren’t as big as the others, Rihanna too. I have both her and Del Rey’s vinyls, Taylor Swift, of course. Nicki Minaj. Drake, the list is long.” And we can add you right to the top of our lives, Ice Spice.

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