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Jason Kelce Finally Jumps Through a Flaming Table to Fulfill a Bet

Jason Kelce Finally Jumps Through a Flaming Table to Fulfill a Bet
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As a man of his word, Jason Kelce followed through on his promise to jump into a flaming table for Buffalo Bills fans.

“There was an agreement made, a pact agreed to: If the Bills beat the Chiefs in the ‘New Heights’ team name competition that I would have to jump through a flaming table,” Jason, 36, explained on the Wednesday, March 6, episode of his “New Heights” podcast with brother Travis Kelce. “It was time to pony up.”

He added, “It was exhilarating. It’s not at all like the way the Buffalo Bills Mafia jumps through tables. This was a very safety-first [approach].”

Travis, 34, added, “I can’t wait to hear Bills Mafia, just look at the comments and just see you get torched for this.”

“Why would they torch me?” Jason asked in response. “I jumped through a torch! Why would they torch me?”

His brother couldn’t help but poke fun at the recently retired athlete’s safety measures. “You’re, like, bubble-wrapped, dude. You were, like, the safest human being to ever jump through a burning table,” Travis said.

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Jason pulled out dad Ed Kelce‘s old work gear to serve as protection, and he said it was a nod to the Pittsburgh Steelers. “I thought it’d be fitting because the Steelers then knocked out the Bills [in the team name competition], so [I was] wearing dad’s steel mill clothing attire,” Jason explained.

Travis interjected, “A.K.A. it kind of makes sense and it’s safe, so you were like, ‘Yeah, I got it.’”

The former Philadelphia Eagles center admitted that there would’ve been circumstances where he was less concerned about safety. “Listen, I didn’t want to catch on fire. … If I would have been 20 beers deep I would have jumped through that thing with my T-shirt on, but I wasn’t 20 beers deep,” Jason said.

It turned out that the flames weren’t the most fearsome part of the stunt. “We were riding to the firehouse and you literally said, ‘I’m going to jump from the top of the fire truck,’” Travis recalled. “And in my head I’m like, ‘That’s at least a 15-foot jump, dude. … It’s jumping from the second floor.”

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Jason thought that was an exaggeration but did ultimately choose a small vehicle to jump from. “I got up on the top of the one truck, which was shorter than the fire truck, and immediately was like, ‘Man, I’m not worried at all about the fire,’” he said.

Travis said Jason “started to, like, cat out a little bit.” The Chiefs star then said Jason asked, “‘Is this a little too high, guys? What do you guys think?’ I was like, ‘No, it’s perfect!’”

“The fire was the least hard to figure out! Just a bunch of flame-retardant stuff,” Jason said.“They gave me the fire department hood deal to protect my face, and then they gave me gloves, so I felt very confident with the fire.”

Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Fanatics)

“It was jumping through a table on concrete,” he continued. “Like, if we would have done that in the middle of the snow, I would have jumped off the truck. But I looked at that and I was like, ‘Dude, I’m going to break something. I want to land on my butt. I’ll break my tailbone if I jump from 10 feet in the air.’”

Meanwhile, Travis joked that bones only break if someone worries about injury. “That’s how you break things, is you get worried about it. You just got to send it and athlete it man,” the tight end claimed. “When you’re a kid, you just athlete it. You’re just like, ‘Dude, I can jump from this garage onto this trampoline.’”

In any case, Jason was happy that he fulfilled his end of the bargain. “The table broke, bet is paid,” he said. “It was electric. I will say it was exhilarating.”

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For his part, Travis enjoyed the event itself and watching his sibling prepare to handle the stunt. “The buildup was hilarious,” Travis recalled. “The questions, the safety briefing with the fire marshals.”

Jason added, “Please, if you’re going to jump through a flaming table, do it safely.”

Travis chimed in, “And find your dad’s steel mill fire-retardant stuff.”

The latest episode of “New Heights” debuted two days after Jason announced his retirement from the NFL after a 13-season run with the Eagles. Travis revealed he hadn’t spoken to his brother much about the decision to hang up his jersey prior to Wednesday’s podcast.

“I didn’t talk to you about it, I let you kinda do your own thing and I couldn’t have been more proud listening to you yesterday,” Travis said while tearing up. “It’s been a lot of emotions, a lot of sad emotions, a lot of excited emotions. … A lot of exciting future things that we have to look forward to.”

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