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Clayton Echard Prepares for Trial Against ‘Sham’ Pregnancy Claims

By Michael Mar 8, 2024
Clayton Echard. Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

Clayton Echard is one step closer to going to trial after a woman claimed she was pregnant with the Bachelor alum’s twins, and he’s called her “faux pregnancy” a “sham.”

Echard, 30, shared a lengthy press release statement from Woodnick Law, PLLC, via his Instagram Story on Thursday, March 7. In the statement, the TV personality denied having intercourse with a woman referred to as L.O., 33, and “promptly attempted to distance himself” from her after clarifying he did not want to pursue a relationship.

“Five (5) days after their non-intercourse encounter, L.O. started suggesting she may be pregnant,” the statement reads. “Six (6) days after that she claimed she had confirmed she was pregnant. Within weeks, she claimed she was carrying twins (male and female).”

News broke in September 2023 that Echard reportedly got the woman pregnant following a one-night stand. Per Thursday’s press release, the woman allegedly shared the false information with news outlets after Echard refused to “enter into her ‘dating contract’” and did not meet with her “to discuss a parenting plan for the pretend ‘twins.’”

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The statement also claims that the woman “has been accused of fabricating pregnancies and doctoring medical evidence as a means to extort relationships several times, dating back ten (10) years.”

At the time, Echard denied her claims and informed fans via his Instagram Story that other men had contacted him about “identical accusations” made against them by L.O. “The commonalities included medical images hijacked and photoshopped from the recesses of the internet and confounding attempts by L.O. to get them to agree to date her in exchange for her discontinuing sham pregnancies,” read Thursday’s statement.


Echard proceeded to undergo a paternity test and confirmed in October 2023 that he was not the father. The woman later claimed the Bachelor Nation star was “lying” about the results in a statement to Us Weekly, stating that an employee at the biotechnology company Ravgen informed her the test was “inconclusive” and another sample from her was needed “to finish it up.”

Echard’s press statement went on to accuse the woman of being filmed “jumping horses during her ‘high risk’ pregnancy” and sporting what looked like a “fake moon bump” during a court appearance.

“In December 2023, L.O. cryptically claimed she was ‘no longer’ pregnant and wanted to dismiss the action and avoid sharing any disclosure regarding her malignant faux pregnancy,” the release continued. “After failing to appear at her deposition, the Court set a status hearing. At the status hearing, the world learned that she claimed she miscarried before her November testimony. L.O. was deposed on 3/1/24.”

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According to the statement, Echard accused L.O. of faking medical records that she sent to news outlets, lied about attending medical appointments for a “high risk” pregnancy and falsely stated that a doctor had confirmed her pregnancy.

“Clayton asks that the public refrain from any behavior that L.O. could claim is harassing or bullying,” Echard’s statement concluded. “Clayton trusts the legal process and is appreciative of his family and community (especially Bachelor Nation) who have continued to offer support.”

In response, the unnamed woman told Us in a Thursday statement: “My pregnancy was definitively confirmed on June 1st, 2023, by an urgent care facility.”

By Michael

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