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Giannina Gibelli Hopes Her Baby Boy Looks ‘Just Like’ Blake Horstmann

Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli both Looked for love on reality TV before sparking their romance off camera.

Bachelor Nation met Horstmann when he competed for Becca Kufrin’s affections on season 14 of The Bachelorette. After finishing as the runner-up on the 2018 season, Horstmann came under fire during season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise after his pre-show hookups with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman were revealed on the beach. While the 2019 season was airing, Horstmann took to Instagram to share his text messages with Miller-Keyes.

Gibelli, for her part, appeared on season 1 of Love Is Blind, and got engaged to costar Damian Powers. While the pair split on their wedding day, they reconnected after the cameras stopped rolling. The duo called it quits for good in 2021 after he was accused of cheating on Gibelli with Too Hot to Handle’s Francesca Farago, which he denied.

Gibelli found love again by the end of the year, however, when she met Horstmann while filming season 1 of All Star Shore.

Scroll through for a timeline of their relationship:

December 2021
Horstmann and Gibelli went quiet on social media while in production on a yet-to-be-announced show. The series, reportedly set at Paramount+, follows several reality personalities competing for a cash prize.
Paul A Hebert/Shutterstock; Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram
January 2022
Social media users began noticing Horstmann and Gibelli posting photos from the same location after they appeared to ring in the new year together. A source confirmed to Us on January 4 that the duo are dating.
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March 2022
As the twosome continued to share snaps from the same pages, they jetted off to Rome for Gibelli’s 29th birthday.
“I can’t officially post him rn, because we did project together that hasn’t been announced yet,” she reportedly responded to a fan who inquired about her photos from the trip, adding that she is “really happy to be sharing these moments together in private for now.”
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram; Courtesy of Blake Horstmann/Instagram
April 2022
The former Netflix star posted a photo with Horstmann on April 3 via Instagram Stories, blocking his face with her phone.
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram
June 2022
Gibelli publicly addressed her romance with Horstmann for the first time after news of All Star Shore officially broke.
“I’ve never watched the Bachelor franchise or any of that so I didn’t know who he was. He seemed familiar to me and he just flashed his big ole smile at me and that’s how I met him right on the beach,” she told E! News. “He’s very respectful, but I don’t think that they know just how funny and spontaneous and dedicated he is. He’s doing his DJ gig now and just watching him reach all these new heights and all these goals, I don’t think a lot of people know that he has it in him, but he definitely does.”
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram
June 2022
In honor of All Star Shore’s premiere date, the couple shared a series of snaps of their private relationship. “When you go on a reality TV show and meet the love of your life,” Gibelli wrote via TikTok.
Horstmann added that he’s “just so damn happy.”
Courtesy Blake Horstmann/Instagram
July 2022
“We did find a pretty amazing relationship while filming All Star Shore [but] honestly I did not expect to find love on the show,” Horstmann revealed during a July 13 appearance on the “How Men Think” podcast. “Fortunately, I did meet Giannina pretty quickly and right away we kind of hit it off, and I’m so glad we did … I’m incredibly happy right now.”
While the aspiring DJ gushed over the pair’s relationship, he wanted to take it slow considering both their storied reality TV dating pasts. He added, “Though I did feel love for her pretty early on, I did wait until quite a few months in to say it just because I wanted to be sure. It’s been fantastic.”
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram
July 2022
“I’m definitely not uncomfortable talking about being engaged to him or just spending the rest of my life with him,” Gibelli gushed during an interview with E! News. “I think the feeling’s mutual and I would be the happiest person in the entire world, but no rush. Everything has its own time and needs to develop naturally, but honestly, I’m good. This is it. This is it for me.”
The reality star noted that she was grateful to have such a caring boyfriend. “If I’m having an off day or I’m stressed out about something, he’ll take the time and be like, ‘Hey, are you OK? You’re not as talkative today.’ It’s just these sweet little things that he wants to make sure that I’m happy and I’m in a good place.”
Courtesy Blake Horstmann/Instagram
September 2022
Blondes have more fun! Gibelli showed off her beau’s new ‘do via her Instagram Stories, explaining the day before that the change in style was a result of Horstmann losing a bet.
For his part, the Bachelor Nation star flaunted his new hairstyle with a smile.
Instagram/Giannina Gibelli
October 2022
“Love is Blind   Bachelor Nation,” the Netflix alum captioned a TikTok video of the pair’s Halloween costumes. Horstmann donned a wedding dress and mimicked his girlfriend’s Love Is Blind finale behavior, while Gibelli poked fun at her beau’s many Bachelor Nation appearances.
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/TikTok
November 2022
Horstmann asked his girlfriend to move into his Colorado home by spelling out “Will You Move In With Me?” in the snow. Gibelli, naturally, accepted the proposal.
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram
December 2022
The pair went on a “magical” getaway in Colorado to mark one year together.
“1 year with my best friend ❤️ This last year has been a blurr of belly laughs, smiles that hurt, and adventures that are unforgettable,” he gushed via Instagram. “I love you @gianninagibelli and here is too many many more years to come 😘.”
Courtesy of Blake Horstmann/Instagram
November 2023
Gibelli revealed that she’s pregnant with her and Horstmann’s first baby. “First comes love, then comes baby H 🤍,” Gibelli wrote via Instagram. “We’re so grateful that life has led us here and over the moon to be parents to our sweet baby come spring 2024!”
Courtesy of Giannina Gibellis/Instagram

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