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Reneé Rapp Honored at GLAAD, New Music From *NSYNC, Cardi B & More | Billboard News

It’s Friday, March 15th and there’s a ton of new music to run through. Justin Timberlake’s new album “Everything I Thought It Was” is finally here and *NSYNC is featured on a track. Cardi B keeps giving us new music. The rapper released her new song “Enough (Miami)” and is featured on Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me” remix with SZA. Meghan Trainer dropped a new collab with T-Pain, titled “Been Like This” and more. Ye took over Rolling Loud LA with his ‘Vultures’ listening party and had a few special guests. Reneé Rapp and Oprah were honored at the GLAAD Awards and more!

Tetris Kelly
We take you inside Ye’s Rolling Loud set, catch up with YK Osiris, Billboard brings you to the GLAAD Media Award. We’re backstage with Karol G and Maren Morris and run down all the hottest new track it’s Friday, March 15. This is Billboard News, I’m Tetris and this has been the best week ever. We have so much to get through today. But let’s get this thing jumped off with brand new music. Justin Timberlake return is here and he’s brought the boys of *NSYNC with him.

Chris Kirkpatrick
You know, I wrote this song and as soon as as soon as I played it, he goes this is a *NSYNC song. It’s just basically an ode to the fans and to each other.

Tetris Kelly
And so very many new tracks today, so we will be giving you more, but let’s talk about Rolling Loud. We’ll be there all weekend and last night one of the most elusive artists of our time kicked things off. And King of Rolling Loud Ye was, he took over LA’s Rolling Loud night one with his’Vultures’ listening party and tons of special guests. We take you there in Billboard’s All Access.

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