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‘American Idol’ Military Daughter Elleigh Francom Lands Ticket to Hollywood With Emotional Audition

Elleigh Marie Francom is a typical American girl, confronted by difficult circumstances.

The 20-year-old realized a years-long dream when she auditioned on American Idol Sunday night (March 19), and made fans everywhere with her appearance.

Francom is a full-time cosmetologist, a miliary daughter based in American Fork, Utah. Her mom, a singer who teaches theater and has tuned into Idol with Elleigh since the contestant was a kid, is battling multiple serious illnesses.

“Dad was gone for much of the time,” she said in the prerecorded package. The youngster had to step up. “A lot of the responsibilities did fall on me,” she explained.

On the day of her audition, Elleigh learned that her dad will be deployed for a year, starting from April. How does she feel about that? “It really sucks,” she told the judges, as she burst into tears.

Elleigh admitted she’s torn by choices. Chase the Idol dream, or go home and help out with her younger siblings when dad is away?

With her performance, the path ahead is now illuminated.

Elleigh channeled her emotions into a cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. And drained it.

As she completed the performance, the tears rolled. “Nobody’s ever hit that note at the end,” quipped Katy Perry. “It was great. You gave me the feels. You started off somewhat average, then you landed it. If you sang from that space every time, you would be in superstar territory.”

“I think she’s top 10,” Luke Bryan added. “There’s just really beautiful things going on in your voice.” When she slots into her groove, there were “classy” and “older than your years” tones. “I just loved it.”

Lionel Richie is a believer. “You went to a place that was so pure, so angelic, that it was really one of those moments where we couldn’t keep our eyes off of you.”

The family came out, the judges stood and applauded, Idol had a moment and Elleigh is going to “Hollywood Week.”

Watch below.

By Michael

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