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Jack Black Is Ready to Rock Again, Specifically For a Possible ‘School of Rock’ Sequel

By Michael Mar 22, 2024

Jack Black is 100% down to slip into Dewey Finn’s bowtie one more time. According to JOE, more than 20 years after Black scammed his way into a teaching position and whipped some awkward kids into a wall-shaking rock band in 2003’s family-friendly music comedy School of Rock, the now 54-year-old actor/musician said he’s down for a possible sequel.

“I wish there’d be a School Of Rock 2 Electric Boogaloo,” Black said, slipping in a reference to the title of the beloved 1984 sequel to the hip-hop film Breakin’. In the original film directed by Richard Linklater (Boyhood) and written by the White Lotus‘ Mike White, Black played Finn, a washed-out rock guitarist who comes up with a scheme to make some cash by impersonating his teacher roommate Ned Schneebly (White) to pay the rent. Though he’s totally lacking credentials, Finn whips the fourth-graders into shape for a Battle of the Bands competition and some heartwarming team-building.

The original featured Black alongside White, Joan Cusack, Adam Pascal, Sarah Silverman and Miranda Cosgrove. No sequel could happen, Black said, without White, who is busy at the moment working on the anticipated third season of his Max series White Lotus in Thailand. “You know Mike White wrote the first one and he’s a genius,” Black said. “And we’d have to have Mike White back in the saddle, but he’s real busy right now with [The] White Lotus, the best show on TV.”

Black recently made some noise with a high-spirited Britney Spears cover he recorded for the actual sequel to another of his beloved franchises, Kung Fu Panda 4. The Tenacious D singer’s rocking take on “…Baby One More Time” even got its own video, which Black shot on the red carpet at the quadquel’s premiere earlier this month.

By Michael

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