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Lila Iké is Redefining Reggae with a Global Vision

By Michael Mar 27, 2024

In the vibrant world of music, there are those who follow trends, and then there are those who carve their own path. Lila Iké belongs firmly to the latter category. Born and raised in Jamaica, her journey into music began at a young age, influenced by the soul-stirring melodies that filled her childhood home. “My mom, she’s a huge fan of music,” Iké recalls. “Growing up, my house always had music playing, different genres. It started from me just trying to connect with my mother.”

As she grew older, her passion for music deepened, fueled by a desire to express herself authentically. Moving to Kingston provided her with the freedom to explore her musical identity further. “The breakthrough moment for me was probably moving to Kingston and doing it out of just the freedom that I had,” she reflects. “When I got to Kingston, I realized that it was just an open space… The more I did it, the more people were like, ‘Yo, this is really cool.’”

Ike’s music reflects her Jamaican roots, infused with a modern flair that sets her apart. “I try to be myself and say exactly how I feel,” she explains. “I have favorite singers and rappers… But I try not to over emulate anybody. So, for me, it’s just being yourself and honing my sound as I go along.”

Her songs carry empowering messages, addressing social issues, and resonating deeply with listeners. “Music for my household was a huge, comforting thing,” Iké shares. “I watched her [my mother] come alive when she listened to music… For me, it was very important… that if it’s not having people react like this, then it doesn’t make any sense.”

In her creative process, the roots singer prioritizes authenticity and sincerity. “I try to not force myself to create,” she says. “Sometimes being an artist… so much is expected of you… But for me, it’s about ensuring that I really have something that, in my heart, I’m doing this because I want someone else to hear this.”

Collaborations have become an integral part of her emerging journey, allowing her to expand her horizons and connect with artists from diverse backgrounds. “Collaborations open up your sound to different markets and different people,” she emphasizes. “It’s networking.”

One of the most exciting collaborations in Lila’s career is her recent partnership with Afrobeat sensation Davido. “This is my very first time doing anything in the Afrobeat market,” she enthuses. “It’s something that I’ve actually been working towards getting into… Africa is so big, and their market is so beautiful… It’s doors opening everywhere.”

As she looks ahead to the future, the exciting singer envisions a year filled with music, growth, and new experiences. “2024 is a blessed year,” she declares with confidence. With her unwavering dedication to authenticity and her willingness to embrace new challenges, there’s no doubt that Lila Iké’s star will continue to rise, illuminating the world with her unique blend of reggae and soul.

By Michael

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