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Love Is Blind’s Amy and Johnny Reveal When They Plan to Have Kids

By Michael Mar 27, 2024

Love Is Blind’s Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre are looking forward to having kids — but aren’t necessarily in a rush to expand their family.

“In my perfect world, I would love to [have kids] when I’m in my early thirties, but it just really depends,” Amy, 27, told Us Weekly while promoting her and Johnny’s partnership with Natural Cycles. “I feel like we’ve had a beautiful year and we definitely want to keep continuing to do stuff within our marriage, traveling and just exploring each other and the world together.”

Amy, who married Johnny, 28, in the LIB season 6 finale, noted that she’s “hoping” that the couple wait “three to four” more years before having children.

“That aligned with his timeline as well so it’s perfect,” she explained.

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Johnny echoed Amy’s sentiments, adding that they’re “not in any rush anytime soon.”

“Whenever the time does come when we’re both like, ‘Hey, we’re ready now,’ that’s what we’re going to shoot for,” he shared with Us.

Johnny and Amy connected in the pods during season 6 of LIB, which was filmed in March 2023. After developing a strong bond, the twosome got engaged sight unseen and tied the knot during the season finale.

Following their first year of marriage, Amy and Johnny both revealed some challenges they had to overcome including living together.

“I did have roommates before, but they were very much kind of kept out of my way, really didn’t see them too often, but I feel like since the experiment … we essentially lived together every single day,” Johnny told Us, adding that spending every day together is “really nice” but very different. “I have my set routine, Amy has her set routine. I’m more of a morning person, she’s more of a night owl, and it definitely made it a little bit difficult trying to figure out what the best types of routines were going to be.”

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Amy agreed that moving in together was an obstacle they had to overcome, but she feels like they’ve “handled it with a lot of grace.”

“We try to talk about everything and we want to make sure that we are not the type of people who just kind of brush things under the rug,” Johnny noted.

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One topic the couple had to communicate on was birth control, as Amy announced on the show that she was not on any oral contraceptives. However, after learning more about her own body, Amy and Johnny decided to start using Natural Cycles, the world’s first birth control app.

“Natural Cycles is basically just a very organic way to essentially track your cycle and make sure that you are going about everything in the safest way possible,” Amy shared with Us. “And so you track it by essentially inputting your data of when you started your period and then you also track your temperature and through that it tracks your ovulation and lets you know when you should refrain from partaking in sex or if you want to use additional protection.”

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Amy added that before Love Is Blind, she used a regular cycle tracking app, but shared that it didn’t give “as much guidance” as Natural Cycles.

“That’s something that I had to have a conversation with him off camera [about] and basically teach him how the cycle works, but I also didn’t really know the extent that I know now after using Natural Cycles,” she explained. “So it’s been a great way to honestly bond and learn and educate ourselves as a couple, but learn more about my body as well.”

By Michael

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