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How Jennifer Lopez Has Spoken About Diddy Over the Years: Quotes

By Michael Mar 30, 2024
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For a time, Jennifer Lopez and Sean “Diddy” Combs were one of the most famous couples on the planet — and since their split, Lopez has shared the rare quote about her ex-boyfriend.

The duo dated for about twoyears after meeting on the set of a music video in 1999. Throughout their time together, the former couple experienced some major highs and lows in the public eye.

During the early days of their relationship, Diddy and Lopez were arrested on weapons and bribery charges following a New York City nightclub shooting in December 1999. While the charges against Lopez were dropped, Diddy was acquitted in 2001.

The duo broke up in February 2001, after infidelity rumors started to swirl. (Lopez has since confirmed that Diddy was unfaithful during their time together.)

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy’s Relationship Timeline: The Way They Were

While that was a lowpoint of their relationship, Diddy (then known as Puff Daddy) was also Lopez’s date to the 2000 Grammy Awards where she wore the iconic green Versace dress that is still referenced all these years later.

Fans are scrutinizing everything in Diddy’s past 4 after the rapper’s houses were raided by Homeland Security in connection with a federal sex trafficking investigation. (Accusations which he’s since denied.)

“There were people in my life who said ‘I love you’ and then didn’t do things that were kind of in line with the word ‘love.’ Being thrown around and manhandled like that is not fun,” Lopez said in her 2024 documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

Without identifying who she was referring to, she added, “I mean, I was never in a relationship where I got beat up, thank God, but I’ve definitely been manhandled and a couple of other unsavory things. Rough. Disrespectful.”

While they were together — and since they’ve split — Lopez has, however, offered more details about her time with the music mogul. Keep scrolling to read her quotes about Diddy:

Reflecting on Her Arrest

“It was a complete nightmare from beginning to end,” Lopez recalled to Elle in July 2000. “I was scared to death in the car. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. No one did.”

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Some Major Differences

Discussing the differences in their lifestyles, Lopez called herself “a homebody” during a 2001 interview with Rolling Stone.

“Puff loves to go out,” she said at the time, referring to his former stage name Puff Daddy. “He’s been a going-out-to-clubs person all his life, doing his thing.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Dating History: A Timeline of Her Famous Relationships

Confirming His Infidelity

Lopez told Vibe magazine in May 2003 that she “never caught him” cheating but “knew” in her gut. “He’d say he was going to a club for a couple of hours and then never come back that night,” she said.

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“It was the first time I was with someone who wasn’t faithful,” Lopez added. “I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts, it really took my whole life in a tailspin.”

Lopez decided to end it for good after wondering, “Do I want to be home with kids in 10 years wondering where somebody is at three in the morning?”

Looking Back on the Good Times

Despite the hardships in their relationship, Lopez recalled the lessons Diddy taught her while they were together.

“He gave me so many cues and taught me so many things,” she told Access Hollywood in October 2014. “I’ll always be grateful to him for that, and I love that he can be so supportive of me so many years later and there’s still so much mutual respect, admiration and love there.”

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