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Pigs, Dogs, Bearded Dragons and More! Tori Spelling’s Family Pets: Photos

Tori Spelling and then-husband Dean McDermott have five children and enough pets to open their own farm before their 2023 split.

“I have dogs, I have guinea pigs, I have pigs, I have chickens, I have bearded dragons …,” Spelling revealed in a 2019 video on her YouTube channe.

Spelling and McDermott, who is also father of son Jack with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace, share sons Liam, Finn and Beau, and daughters Stella and Hattie. Stella, born in 2008, specifically calls herself “mom” to several of the family’s pets, including cat Bean and dog Thea. (Bean went missing in late 2022.)

The Spelling-McDermott family has a strong bond with all of their animals.

“[My bearded dragon] likes to sit on my head. He watches all my reality shows with me … Housewives and Kardashians,” Spelling revealed in her 2019 YouTube video in 2019. “He has a favorite Kardashian. He loves Khloé.”

Keep scrolling to see all of their pets:

The family’s cat went missing in late 2022. “He is the love of our lives and my kids are devastated!” Spelling wrote via Instagram at the time, alongside pertinent information about Bean for anyone searching. “My 14 year old daughter who suffers major anxiety is his human. Bean knows before she gets her panic attacks and lays on her chest and kneads biscuits.”
Courtesy of Tori Spelling/Instagram
Frankie Dawn
Spelling introduced her Great Pyrenees via social media in 2021.
“Meet the newest member of our family. She’s a 10 week old Great Pyrenees. A sweet mountain dog that’s the guardian of the livestock,” the California native gushed about the sweet puppy. “She’s such a lover. Beau’s best friend.”
Courtesy of Tori Spelling/Instagram
“This is Arthur Bear Reynolds, because he’s my love child with Ryan Reynolds,” she joked about the family’s sweet pup via YouTube in 2019. The family rescued Arthur as a senior dog after he was “abandoned” amid the Malibu wildfires in 2018.
Mama Guinea Pig
“Sadly, she sat on all of [her babies] and killed them, but I still love her. I don’t judge her. These things happen,” Spelling shared in the video.
The “crazy Chihuahua” belongs to Spelling and McDermott’s oldest daughter. “Love My Family and My Mom @Stella_McDermott08😁,” the pup’s Instagram bio reads.
Courtesy of Thea Monster/Instagram
Bearded Dragons
Spelling revealed in 2019 that she has helped birth 14 bearded dragons over the years, including pets Smushy and Slushy. “They’re like little mini dinosaurs,” she gushed about the reptiles via YouTube in 2019.
One of the bearded dragons in particular “likes to sit on my head,” Spelling revealed. ​”He watches all my reality shows with me … Housewives and Kardashians. He has a favorite Kardashian. He loves Khloé.”
“I’m Musso. Proud rescue pup,” the dog’s Instagram bio reads. “My human is @torispelling and I love my kiddos.”
Courtesy of mussomcdermott/Instagram
“The kids love her,” Spelling said about the pig, whom she coparents with bestie and former 90210 costar Jennie Garth.
“I just needed more animal chaos in my house,” she joked about adopting Hank and Wilbur. “Now Nutmeg has friends.”
The family’s third pig shares a name with one of the most iconic pigs in pop culture — the swine hero from Charlotte’s Web.
Courtesy of Tori Spelling/Instagram
Spelling likes to have “five or 10” chickens in her backyard “at all times.”

“I really wanted my kids to grow up with chickens,” she shared via YouTube in 2019.
Courtesy of Tori Spelling/Instagram

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