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Dua Lipa & Zayn Malik Release New Music, Azealia Banks & Doechii Are Beefing & More | Billboard News

By Michael Apr 13, 2024

It’s Friday, April 12th, and there’s a bunch of highly anticipated new music from some of the hottest artists! Dua Lipa just dropped her latest single “Illusion,” Zayn Malik released his new highly-anticipated track, “Alienated,” Sabrina Carpenter starts her new era with “Espresso” and more new releases. Azealia Banks and Doechii are fighting on social media. Coachella takes LA by storm this weekend, and we have a sneak peek just for you inside the year’s hottest music festival. Billboard Explains Metro Boomin’s journey through the charts. Sheryl Crow spills inspiration about her new album, ‘Evolution,’ performing with Olivia Rodrigo and more!

Tetris Kelly:
Doechii and Azealia Banks go off online, new music from some of the biggest names in pop. We’ve got Sheryl Crow in the studio, and we explain Metro Boomin’s many hits. It’s Friday, April 12. And I gotta get on the road to Coachella, but that doesn’t stop the news from happening and a whole crop of new music. Let’s jump into our Friday Music Guide. Dua Lipa is bringing us one step closer to ‘Radical Optimism’ with “Illusion.” More new music throughout the show, but for now our top story. Something is in the air because the girls are fighting. Let’s break it down. It’s been Azealia Banks versus Doechii online since Doechii posted this IG asking her followers what her fandom should be called to which Banks replied “Definitely should call them ‘Wannabes’” and Doechii wasn’t going to let that slide. Replying “The first time you came for me I let it slide out of respect for my elders. It’s not my fault you sellin’ sh*tty soap and I’m selling platinum records. Leave me alone please.” The feuding was far from over. Azealia Banks tweeted, insinuating Doechii paid for her streams, accused her of being homophobic, called her ugly and brought up her skin tone. Doechii went off on IG ending her clap back by saying “Your diagnosis is wasted talent…

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By Michael

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