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Inside ‘RHOM’ Star Alexia Nepola’s Dramatic Life on and Off Camera

By Michael Apr 16, 2024
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The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Nepola knows a thing or two about keeping things real.

For five seasons, Nepola has allowed Bravo cameras to capture the highs and lows of her life as a wife, mom and businesswoman. But even when filming stops, the reality star can’t help but find herself making headlines.

Us Weekly confirmed that Alexia’s husband, Todd Nepola, filed for divorce in April 2024 after nearly three years of marriage. The news caught both Alexia and her fans by surprise.

“I am shocked and heartbroken that Todd has chosen to dissolve our marriage,” Alexia wrote via her Instagram Stories days after the filing in Florida. “I will take comfort in the fact that my friends and family will be by my side supporting me during his difficult time.”

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While Todd has not publicly commented on the split, this plot twist is one of many in Alexia’s life over the years. Take a look back on the dramatic twists and turns the Bravo star has experienced both on and off camera.

Alexia’s 1st Marriage to Pedro Rosello

Back in 1987, Alexia first met Rosello at a Miami restaurant. Sparks flew with the couple getting engaged just a few years later. While planning their wedding, however, Rosello was arrested on drug trafficking charges. According to Bravo, the pair married when he was out on bond for a year. The couple would later welcome two sons — Peter and Frankie — before divorcing in 1996.

“We’re on very good terms,” Alexia told Bravo in 2013 about her ex who was the subject of Netflix’s Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami. “He’s such a great father, and he’s so good to Frankie and to Peter. My kids adore him. They spend a lot of time with him.”

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Alexia’s Son Frankie Experiences Near-Fatal Accident

Alexia’s life was forever changed in 2011 when her then 13-year-old son Frankie was involved in a car accident. While riding in the passenger seat of a friend’s car, Frankie suffered permanent brain damage.

“I will never recover from Frankie’s accident,” Alexa said via Instagram in February 2023. “It’s only my wish that he can continue to improve in time, and he can be as ‘normal and productive’ as his limitations allow. I will never accept the loss of my dreams for him, and I will never give up on him or Peter. Our pain is so deep.”

Alexia’s Marriage to Herman Echevarria

During the first three seasons of Real Housewives of Miami, which aired between 2011 and 2013, viewers were able to get a glimpse into Alexia’s marriage to Echevarria.

When the show was put on pause, the couple separated in 2015. In a tragic turn of events, Echevarria was found dead one year later at his Miami apartment from natural causes. He was 65.

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“I can’t imagine what my life will be like walking into my office every day and not seeing Herman or having our family dinners with the kids and family,” Alexia said in a statement to E! News at the time of his death. “Although we were currently separated and living in separate homes, our spiritual and emotional connection was stronger than ever.”

Alexia’s Big Reveal About Her 2nd Husband 

When Alexia returned to Real Housewives of Miami’s reboot on Peacock, she revealed Echevarria was gay but unable to come out before his death. During an episode, the Bravo star prepared to meet with the businessman’s former lover at a restaurant. Ultimately, he didn’t show up.

“I would have loved for him to have come out and had this conversation because I would have supported and helped him,” she said via Instagram Live in February 2022. “[I would have] hooked [Herman] up with all my cute gay friends!”

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Alexia’s Son Peter Faces Legal Troubles

In January 2022, Alexia’s son Peter was arrested and charged with a battery misdemeanor after allegedly getting into a domestic altercation with his girlfriend. The charges were dropped one month later, People reported.

Alexia also faced another hurdle when her son feuded with Todd before their wedding day. According to the reality star, things improved over time. “We are just kind of figuring it out along the way,” she told Bravo in December 2022. “But, you know, we all like each other and love each other.”

Alexia’s Tragic Wedding Day News

Back in 2021, Alexia announced her mother Nancy’s death from COVID-19 on the same day she planned to marry her third husband, Todd. “Early this morning, I lost my mom to the horrible and deadly COVID-19,” she wrote via Instagram on August 25. “The last couple of days have been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I was on the road to marry the man of my dreams when I had to stop everything as my mother became ill. What was supposed to be the happiest day of my life today has turned out to be the saddest.”

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Alexia’s 3rd Husband Files for Divorce

After nearly three years of marriage, Todd filed for divorce in April 2024. While it’s unclear what led to the breakup, Alexia showed no signs of trouble in the relationship when she celebrated Valentine’s Day with her husband two months earlier.

“No matter what life throws my way, there’s one thing I can be sure of… We belong together,” she said via Instagram. “You will always be my Valentine. I love you forever.”

Real Housewives of Miami is currently streaming on Peacock.

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