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Kim Kardashian Didn’t Mention Taylor Swift Diss, But Did Talk Walking Madonna’s Dog as a Kid on ‘Kimmel’

By Michael Apr 23, 2024

Kim Kardashian did not address the one topic America was dying to hear about on Monday night (April 22) when she hit the couch on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: her feelings on theories that Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department diss track “thanK you aIMee” is about her.


The American Horror Story: Delicate star did, however, cover a wide variety of other random topics, including being Madonna’s dog walker as a kid, the origin of her nipple-forward Skims Ultimate Nipple Bra shapewear and her current feelings on former one-term president Donald Trump in the midst of his hush money trial in New York for paying off a porn star.

Kimmel seemed most charmed by the Madonna stories, which included Kim describing how she lived next door to the pop superstar when she was a kid. “She was my next door neighbor when I was like seven or eight years old,” Kardashian said. “I was her dog walker. Kourtney and I would walk her dog after school… in exchange for her jewelry… She was transitioning out of the 80s neon phase, so one day she just walked downstairs and handed us a shoebox of all these neon bracelets and Kourtney and I went to school and everyone was like, ‘Oh my God I love your bracelets!’ And we were like, ‘Thanks, Madonna gave them to us.’”

Sadly, she doesn’t still have the haul, and as Kimmel lamented, the sisters missed out on the pointy bra era castoffs. And while the K gang did not trick-or-treat at Madonna’s as kids, years later, Kardashian watched the singer shoot her “Cherish” video with photographer Herb Ritts. “Me and my friend were on the beach and it was the most magical moment ever,” Kardashian said of the sensual black-and-white clip whose every wet-and-wild frame he seemed to have committed to memory.

Though she never in her wildest dreams imagined it, as an adult Kardashian said she was once again neighbors with Madge, whom she’d run into occasionally when they went trick-or-treating with their kids. You would never know it, though, since Kim said she and Madonna both wore ski mask costumes to stay incognito. “We both had like masks on and we were going to the same house and then we looked at each other and I was like, ‘M? Kim?,’” she recalled of their incognito meet cute again moment.

In a rapid-fire segment, Kardashian, 43, responded to a series of what sounded like weird internet rumors about herself, most of which turned out to be true. Among them: does she really blow dry her jewelry before putting it on? (yes, because she hates being freezing when putting cold metal on her skin). She also confirmed that she washes her feet before getting into bed every night, sleeps with her eyes slightly open (per videos taken by her sisters), she celebrated her 14th birthday at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, had a fitness DVD called Kim Kardashian Fit In Your Jeans By Friday, can change a tire and has an assistant whose job it is to take the cardboard sleeve off her Starbucks orders because the sound of cardboard getting moved off the cup is “like nails on a chalkboard” to her.

In fact one of the only things Kimmel floated that wasn’t true was a rumor that Kim has six toes on one foot.

Kimmel heaped praise on Kardashian for inventing a bra with built-in nipples, with the host getting slightly thrown off when Kim said they got “amazing” feedback from breast cancer survivors on the product, a sobering fact that seemed to derail what sounded like Jimmy’s more lascivious planned line of questioning. Fun fact, the nipples in the bra are fashioned after the shape of Kardashian’s breasts and she can definitely spot their tell-tale form from afar on someone else.

Kim also said she’s working on the upcoming launch of a line of shapewear for men, which, of course, led to Kimmel sidekick Guillermo strutting out in a be-thonged bodysuit that left nothing to the imagination. The conversation was mostly light, though Kimmel did ask Kardashian about the current state of her relationship with the twice-impeached former president, whom she visited in the White House in 2020 with three women whose sentences Trump cut short following the fellow reality star’s lobbying.

“I don’t think he likes me very much,” Kardashian said diplomatically. “But… I think he did amazing stuff with prison reform and let a lot of people out and signed an amazing bill with the First Step act and that’s what I’ll focus on.” For the record, after Kimmel earlier played a series of doctored videos of the four-times indicted Trump passing gas — as he’s been rumored to be doing quite often between reported naps during his New York trial for paying hush money to a porn actress to keep their affair quiet — Kardashian smiled and gently said, “no.”

“So he saves that for court situations?,” Kimmel quipped.

Watch Kardashian’s Kimmel interview below.

By Michael

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