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Meet 2024’s ‘American Idol’ Top 10 Contestants

By Michael Apr 23, 2024

For 22 seasons and running, American Idol has unveiled which contestants have qualified for the competition’s most elite tier, the top 10. This season is no exception, with the names of the final 10 being announced on Monday (April 22) evening’s live broadcast on ABC.

For over a decade now, Billboard has been first in line to sit down with each finalist and conduct their first in-depth interviews. Earlier this week, Billboard sat down with the top 14 performers to talk about their formative years, their Idol experiences to date and how they envision their futures.

On Sunday (April 21), the top 14 performed songs by members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (the Rock Hall’s Class of 2024 was also revealed during the episode by Ryan Seacrest and Rock Hall member Lionel Richie). At the end of the two-hour episode, Jordan Anthony and Nya were eliminated from the competition.

On Monday night, the theme was Billboard No. 1 Hits, a subject first presented in season two and again in season four. The episode saw the end of two more journeys, with contestants Roman Collins and Jayna Elise leaving the show.

Below, Billboard goes deep with season 22’s top 10 contestants as well as the four contestants eliminated over the last few days.

To quote Ryan Seacrest, here they are, in no particular order. (Well, that isn’t strictly true, as we present them alphabetically – first the newly-minted top 10 and then the four singers who were eliminated over the last two days).

By Michael

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