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Drew Carey Can’t, Won’t Stop Gushing About Phish Show at Sphere, Saying Previous Resident Felt Like ‘Bar Band’ By Comparison

By Michael May 3, 2024

Here’s the thing: Drew Carey really, really enjoyed seeing Phish at Sphere in Las Vegas. Like, so much that he cannot, and will not, stop raving about the show that pried open his brain and spilled it out all over the Strip. But now he’s tripling down by suggesting that the Vermont jam band’s show made the $2 billion venue’s debut act look like pikers by comparison.


His latest rave came during an appearance this week on Phish Radio on SiriusXM during which Carey further dove into his life-changing experience. “I was just like a casual U2 fan,” the Price is Right host said about the rock icons who opened the venue with their run of 2023-2024 shows. “My friend of mine’s really into it. He goes, ‘hey, let’s go see U2 at the Sphere,’ and I thought, ‘yeah, at the Sphere, I’ve always wanted to see the Sphere. Might as well. I went [and] it blew my mind how great it was and I told all my friends and I talked to the Price Is Right audience how great it was.”

He loved it so much he went the next two weekends in a row, even flying some of his friends in from Cleveland so they could have the exSphere-ience before the band wrapped up its 40-show run in March.

“And then, like three songs into Thursday night with Phish at the Sphere I honestly was like kind of mad,” Carey said. “I wanted to call U2 and get my money back… That made them [U2] look like a bar band honestly.” Now, don’t get Carey wrong, he said U2 put on a “great show,” but he felt like Phish “took full advantage of the audio and the video in that place.”

As you may have heard, Carey has been ranting about the molecule re-arranging experience he had at the Phish shows. First, he tweeted that the show made him feel like, “I swear I just talked to God I would give you all my money, stick my d–k in a blender and swear off p—y for the rest of my life in exchange for this. Bro I met God tonight for real. I feel like I just got saved by Jesus no lie.”

Like any good Phishead, he took his show on the road, appearing on Taylor Tomlinson’s show After Midnight the next day where he absolutely shocked his fellow comedians on the panel, and Tomlinson, with his bananas reaction. “So, I saw Phish at the Sphere this weekend. Never saw Phish, didn’t know a Phish tune, and they f–king blew my mind off so hard… I had a bunch of girls with me, and I thought to myself is this what it’s like to…” Carey said, as censors bleeped what appeared to be a graphic sexual description.

Phish being Phish, they loved Carey’s enthusiasm and sent him the perfect gift: A Vitamix blender (see above). Singer Trey Anastasio even signed it, writing, “Thank you Drew! See you next time, happy blending!”

Listen to Carey talking Phish below.

By Michael

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