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Sharon Stone ‘Hurt’ That People ‘Don’t Care’ About Her Anymore

By Michael May 9, 2024
Sharon Stone now and in 90’s hit Basic Instinct Getty Images (2)

Sharon Stone has admitted to having felt “hurt” that people “don’t care” about her since she stopped being a Box Office draw or the Hollywood “Flavor” of the time.

In the 1990’s she was one of Hollywood’s most desirable actresses, but 22 years ago she fell off the radar after suffering a near death experience 22 years ago.

The actress-turned-painter, 66, was given just a one percent chance of surviving after she suffered a nine-day brain bleed in 2001 following a stroke.

Stone, who says her life is drastically different since her brain hemorrhage, spoke about why she quit Hollywood.

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Speaking to hosts Kate Garraway and Ed Balls on the U.K’s Good Morning Britain, she shared: “My real first step of recovery was about seven years and that’s a long time to lose your momentum.

Stone made the confession on the U.K’s Good Morning, Britain Good Morning, Britain/ ITV

“In seven years, you’re no longer the flavor of the time, you no longer have box office heat, the same people you were working with are no longer in power anymore.

“Everything changes and people don’t really care about that person anymore. It’s like going back to your old job seven years later, you don’t just walk back into your job and think nothing’s changed.

“I was sort of hurt that the world moved on without me.” However, the Basic Instinct icon said she’s learning to accept that and “kind of” moved on.

She also told the hosts about her “invisible disability” and how it affects how she is now. “It was really one of those miracle moments. I’m a different person, I have an invisible disability, you know, people don’t know that.

Sharon Stone and Micheal Douglas Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

“People can help you when they see you are walking with crutches but when you are having a bit of a problem with brain function, people don’t see that.”

Over the past few years, the mom of three has stepped back from Hollywood to focus her attention on her art, which has been featured in galleries across the country.

Last month, she showcased a collection of paintings she did in a gallery show at Gallery 181 in San Francisco and shared two of the pieces on Instagram. She has referred to art as therapeutic and a way to escape from her struggles.

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Last month the Emmy winner opened up about her mental health issues. “We’re all trying to confront our demons,” the Casino star said on an episode of the “Turkish Tea Talk With Alex Salmond” podcast.

“We’re all acting out — me, too, and trying to figure out how to keep getting back up, keep helping people up even if we put them down, and make sure we’re all back up.”

Stone is a World Health Organization Global Health Ambassador, and she claimed she is one in 10 people “on a global level” are having “a mental crisis.”

“It must start with the individual,” she added. “You have to get back up, get yourself together and help whoever you think you bumped around, and keep moving forward — and instant forgiveness. Instant forgiveness for yourself.”

By Michael

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