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Dance Act Brent Street Blow Away the Judges on ‘AGT’: Watch

The bright lights, the big stage, the long haul. None of it fazed Brent Street, the dance group that enjoyed a glittering audition Tuesday night (June 25) on America’s Got Talent.

Hailing from Sydney, the modern troupe’s performance was part-drama, part-magic, and completely mesmerizing.

Performing to “Hope” by rapper NF, the 20-plus dancers, dressed all in white, powered their way through multiple, seamless routines, impressing everyone in the room with a combination of power, finesse, timing and coordination.

At the conclusion, all four judges joined the audience for a standing ovation.

Heidi Klum launched in, describing the dance as exciting, beautiful and “something we haven’t seen before. Really entertaining. Very well done.”

“The beginning was spectacular,” added Sofia Vergara, “and the rest was as good as the beginning. That was for sure the coolest thing I’ve seen today.”

Simon Cowell lauded the creation as a cerebral one. “Apart from what they were doing with their bodies,” he remarked, “it was what they were doing with their brains, because this was such a really well though out creative, original performance.” That is “the kind of audition we love on the show.”

Teenage group leader Zack Degersigny, 17, admitted the performance was months in the making.

Howie Mandel had the last word. “I thought everything you did was amazing. It was a surprise.” Mandel had a surprise of his own; he smacked that Golden Buzzer, and the ceiling rained with glitter.

The team from Brent Street, which describes itself as “Australia’s Home of Performing Arts,” progresses in NBC’s talent quest.

Watch below.

By Michael

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