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Megan Thee Stallion Re-Recorded Anime-Sampled Track Days Before Album Release

Megan Thee Stallion has proven her dedication to both her music and her love for anime with a last-minute twist just days before the release of her third studio album, Megan.

The Houston rapper took to Instagram Live on Jun. 26 to share some behind-the-scenes drama with her fans, the Hotties, about having to re-record the track “Otaku Hot Girl” due to unexpected clearance issues with a major anime studio.

During her Instagram Live session, Megan explained how she initially recorded “Otaku Hot Girl” without securing the proper clearance for an anime sample she used in the song.

The Grammy Award-winning artist didn’t reveal which anime series or studio was involved, but she assured fans that the sample would be instantly recognizable.

“Y’all will never believe what the motherf**k just happened to me!” Megan exclaimed to her followers.

“Y’all know how I told y’all I got an anime sample on my album. I recorded the song before I asked for clearance, so when I sent the people the song, they was like…” Megan paused dramatically, then detailed the studio’s stipulations: she had to change some of the lyrics and was not allowed to cosplay any characters in the music video​.

The demands didn’t stop there.

Megan shared that the studio later requested the removal of all character names from the song, which presented a significant challenge since the names were crucial to the lyrics.

Despite the frustration, Megan re-recorded the track in a makeshift studio just hours before her June 11 Dallas show.

“The music is what’s really important to me, but the names really tied it all together,” she explained.

Megan’s determination paid off, and she expressed her gratitude towards the studio for eventually granting the clearance. “I really hope y’all think this s**t sound fire, ’cause I had to jump through eight million hoops to get this s**t,” she added.

“Otaku Hot Girl” is one of 18 tracks on Megan’s upcoming album, which includes the singles “Cobra,” “Hiss,” and “Boa,” as well as collaborations with artists like Kyle Richh, GloRilla, UGK, and Victoria Monét.

The album follows nearly two years after her sophomore release, Traumazine.

Megan Thee Stallion’s new album, Megan, dropped on June 28.

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