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Free MP3 Download: Psalm – Lee Scratch Perry

Download Psalm

image Review From Amazon: Luke "Scratch" Perry is regarded, along with Osbourne "King Tubby" Ruddock as one of the fathers of dub music, a branch of reggae that involves lots of sampling and remixing of older recordings. This track consists mostly of Perry, slurring his words like a drunk, repeating "Psalm, Psalm, Psalm" over a reggae beat and scads of eerie sound effects. From what I can glean, Perry is exhorting sinners to read the bible ("whoremongers, whoremongers, the psalm") for their own good. Since Perry includes the government and the police among the ranks of sinners, it’s clear that this is more social commentary in the Bob Marley mode than religious proselytization in the Bob Dylan mode

Download Psalm

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