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Toy Story 3 DVD Review

Nov 2, 2010. DVD release of Toy Story 3 reviewed by Peter Veugelaers


imageToy Story 3alt is the leading edge in animation this year and even stands proud above the feature film releases of 2010 for two reasons: it takes seemingly insignificant material and breathes through it inventive, imaginative life – it is reminiscent of a true, breathtaking blockbuster – and secondly, the animation beautifully captures real life scenery convincingly and the toys seem realistic while having believable, empathic human characteristics. It is also joyously funny.

A new character called Loslo, a strawberry scented toy bear from a day care centre, gets some of the best laughs and adding to Ned Beatty’s drawl is Loslo’s hilarious, almost show stopping characterization – which is a true surprise.

As a nice aside, attachment to toys is something Toy Story 3 develops. Why we needed them is a question I’d like an answer to and although it doesn’t entirely give me what I’m looking for, it nevertheless turns the notions of toy hugging into an emotional and rewarding experience, much like our attachment to toys.

When Andy’s toys go on the wayside, Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and several supporting others meet the day care centre toys and the effect is astonishing and joyful. More toys!

The people from Pixar Animation are the premier animation house. Their credits are impressive reading since 1995 and since 2006, with Cars, they have put one out each year. Their secret in the Toy Story films is taking the simple and making it incredible and their latest is sheer class.

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