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Shrek Forever After DVD Review

DVD review by Peter Veugelaers © 2010

** Out of ****

Shrek’s transported to a parallel universe – and let’s hope he stays there. The fourth Shrek installment goes towards proving that sequels do get worse for ware with a few exceptions (Star Wars anyone, if you include that unfortunate prequel trilogy, which proved the final episode is better than the previous two).

Family life for Shrek (Mike Myers) isn’t a barrel of ogre laughs and he wants his old life back. Home sick of being the scarier beast that he once was in the first Shrek (2001), the charmer Rumpelstiltskin takes him back – through a touch of magic – to the days when people were frightened of ogre growls, the type of things that Shrek got a kick out of.

The deal gets slimmer by the twenty-four-hour clock and more dangerous and affects his “one true love”. Donkey (Eddie Murphy) comes along for the ride.

On sure thing is that the plot becomes more convoluted by the minute and less and less interesting. It stretches the story too wide rather than focus it.

Shrek is a fantasy and a comedy, but is more comedy so I expect to be humored. The big jokes don’t work – their punch lines are embarrassingly flat. The incidental jokes don’t work either and succumb to the level of telling fibs, oh what a naughty boy. But one joke does work, which is good naturedly at the expense of medieval witches. It is amusing.

Most of the action belongs in a Shrek movie and some doesn’t but much of it is unexciting.

What a pity when the idea is alright. There’s a family squabble which leads to predicaments in a magical and ‘real’ (read: reinvented medieval fantasy) world. The theme is attractive.

What’s executed is lame and tunefully un-Shrek. Where’s the spark? Shrek 4 doesn’t look like a Shrek film should. Beware – it is painfully short and has ten minutes of closing credits time. Only for the most undemanding kids.


Shrek Forever After (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)alt

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