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Is that as good as it gets?

imageGolden Globe Nominations, 2010 – reaction and rant, by Peter Veugelaers ©2010

I’m pretty disappointed and unsatisfied with the list of Golden Globe movie nominees for 2010. Is that all? Is that as good as it gets? I need more. Like, isn’t the end of the year supposed to showcase the ‘best’ of the year? Then why is Alice in Wonderland, a rather boring film, in the nominations for best picture comedy or musical, and released at the beginning of March? What’s up, people? Okay, okay, I hear you say, cool down. There’s a mix of year-end and earlier, keep your hat on, joker.

I didn’t expect The Fighter or Inception. The King’s Speech seven nominations were unexpected and maybe unwarranted, but it’s got a hook for an indie film. The best comedy, musical nominations aren’t choked for competition this year; if you include Alice in Wonderland, Burlesque, Red and The Tourist, there is one front runner – The Kids are All Right, which should set it up as Oscar bait.

The Social Network is one of those irritating films that has got under everyone’s skins but is going to be competitive in the drama category.

I was glad to see Melissa Leo get a nod for Best Supporting Actress after her great performance in Frozen River (2008).

Where is James L. Brooks!! Where is How Do You Know? Why wasn’t it nominated for comedy categories? Where is Jack Nicholson!!

Onto other things, people …

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