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In today’s WTF Adriane Palicki is Wonder Woman

In todays WTF we find out who will play Wonder Woman in David E Kelley’s reboot. Adriane Palicki of Friday Night Lights semi fame has been tapped and… she looks nothing like the part at all, and is possibly one of the worst actresses we can possibly think of for this role.

It’s not even a tough call to make, just look at Palicki who is cute to say the best for her, compared to Lynda Carter and if you can figure out what the heck they are thinking let us know.

adrianne-palickiLynda Carter

It’s not that Palicki cannot be sexy, it’s just she is not what Carter was and that is glamorous. Palicki is cute, the girl down the street type while Lynda Carter you just know you have no chance at all. Wonder Woman is an Amazon Queen, not the football players girlfriend.

AdriannePalickiPlus, there is going to have to be a whole lot of surgery if Palicki wants to fill Lynda’s bustier.

We were hoping for a successful reboot, instead we are getting Cop Rock II

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