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Hobo With a Shotgun is pure Netflix streaming grindhouse goodness

Snap_2011.08.31 00.27.07_006How to describe this movie… just read the damn title. Rutger Hauer is at his B-movie best in this gleefully unapologetic grindhouse blood and gore fest as he is a homeless vigilante who blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas, and other scumbags with his trusty shotgun.

Jason Eisener created the fake trailer for this movie for the 2007 Grindhouse and now he brings it out in all its glory. Hauer is amazing and gets big laughs and this movie is kind of crazy as this town is full of creeps and giant octopus and a robot army.

It’s streaming on Netflix now and should not be missed for fans of the genre. If you are not a grindhouse fan, you should really not even consider this. It is also probably not a good idea to watch this right after dinner. Just ask my wife Winking smile.


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