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Bah Humbug to the Max – TVBites

by Neena Louise

I write this the first week of November and I’m already sick and bloody tired of Christmas. I saw my first Christmas television ad at the end of August (yes, August). It was for some local Christmas show and urged viewers to "book your tickets now". I think not. The next ad snuck in the day after Labor Day ("holiday layaway is back this year!"). Toy ads quickly followed, though, to their credit, they never mentioned the words "Christmas" or "holiday". Come October 1, a few companies were advertising their holiday line. I was most disheartened that on Halloween (my favorite holiday of all), between the trick-or-treaters and watching Halloween-themed TV shows, I was tortured with a plethora of Christmas ads. Since then, there’s been nothing but.

I am appalled and disgusted.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI know retailers are hurting these days and have to compete for people’s limited Christmas budgets, but this is absolutely ridiculous! And, in my case, it’s backfiring spectacularly. Glade started with their stupid holiday candle ads on October 1 and are now banned from my household. This year’s Wal-Mart Christmas ads are so incredibly irritating, I’m doing none of my Christmas shopping there. Those are just two of the companies I’m so disgusted with, they’ll be getting zero of my Christmas dollars. The most unfortunate part is that retail outlets are following suit and Christmas carols are already blaring from their loudspeakers (did I mention it was the first week of November?!?). I’ll be avoiding stores from now until January, not spending more. And I’ll be watching less live TV as well. I’ll stick to commercial-free cable and DVDs and record broadcast TV so I can skip all the Christmas ads.

What’s happened to all the other holidays between Labor Day and New Year’s Eve? It seems they are becoming less and less important, so we might just as well change all the holidays’ names:

Labor Day – Sneak in the First Christmas TV Ad Day

Columbus Day – Selective Christmas TV Ad Day

Halloween – Begin Christmas TV Ads Day

Veterans Day – Ignore it. No money in it.

Thanksgiving – Black Friday Eve

Christmas Eve – Christmas TV Ad Blitz Day

I don’t know what advertisers are thinking. Well, actually, I do. They think by bashing people over the head with (mostly) irritating Christmas ads, people will spend more. Well, think again. I doubt stressing people out for 3 or 4 months is going to help their bottom line (in fact, I think it’s a little cruel). For people like me, all they’ve done is ruin a holiday I used to like when the season started the day after Thanksgiving. Now that it goes on for 4 long, tortuous months, I despise it.

Thanks a lot.

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