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Movie Monday: Two Tigers (2008)

two tigersWatch this cheesy female 007 takeoff here. This is not a good movie, but if you want to kill a couple of hours looking at hot chicks having sex and pretending to be Bondesque it isn’t bad. Andrea Osvárt is hot and doesn’t wear a bra the entire film which alone makes it worth watching. The low budget shows through at times (watch for the airsoft guns) which makes it good for a laugh or two as well, lots of fun to make fun of this movie.

Equally skilled with a rifle as she is in the art of seduction; high-profile assassin, Gilda, fortuitously embarks on a journey with unlikely suspect, Lin, a high-class call girl from China. The bond of this potent, yet beautiful, dynamic duo solidifies as they confront compromising and jeopardous scenarios. Their friendship gives them strength to stare death and deceit in the face as they risk having it all or losing it all in this femme fatale mission of vengeance.


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