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The Nutties 2011 Entertainment Awards

entertainmentnutzWe are offering up for the first time ever the best in the world of entertainment as we saw it in 2011.  Even in an overall down year, there were some great movies, music, web offerings and more so here are our picks for the best of 2011 from our decidedly twisted point of view. Our picks may not be the best even to us, but they were the most fun to watch or listen to and follow along with so there is plenty of room for discussion. Your grandmothers favorites will probably not make this list. It isn’t the Oscars after all.


Best Foreign Film:  Attack The Block

This movie is in English, but is decidedly not American and if you could understand all of the southie accents good on you. Nonetheless this import about and inner city alien encounter was smart, scary, action filled, and a ton of fun.

Best Drama: Moneyball

Moneyball was a surprisingly heartwarming film of risk-taking and reward, anchored by one of Brad Pitt’s most human performances.

Best Comedy: Bridesmaids

We admit we were concerned when we learned that Apatow was making a comedy featuring get this female comedians. However Bridesmaids was the freshest comedy of the year.

Best Superhero: Captain America: The First Avenger

Lots of people think this should go to Thor, and it may be the better movie, but for our money its just hard to beat The Captain and his patriotic oh goshness for pure fun.

Best Drive In Throwback: Drive

This movie was exactly like going back to the drive in back in the 80’s and is an instant classic.

Best Throwback otherwise: Super 8

Super 8 returned us to our days of The Goonies and ET and the wonder of Spielberg when we were young. If you just want to remember the days and see plenty of spectacular destruction and chaos check out Super 8

Scariest Movie: Contagion

I don’t even want to discuss this movie is how scary it is. Scary because it could happen.

The EN Movie of the Year:

It’s always tough to pick our favorite from amongst these, because they are all great movies depending on what mood you are in, but if you are going to watch a movie over and over again which is our criteria for this award the Nutty has to go to… Attack The Block


Best Drama: Tie – Homeland (Showtime) and Breaking Bad (AMC)

You know it’s a good TV year when you have two best dramas. Breaking Bad is some of the best writing and acting work you will see… ever. How they manage to make this show get better in its 4th season is something all TV writers should study. We only get one more year of this greatness so enjoy it while you can. Meanwhile Showtime has struck gold with a series out of the blue that no one saw coming in Homeland. The cast is simply amazing with Claire Danes playing a CIA agent who thinks that POW Damian Lewis has been turned and Mandy Patinkin as her boss this show has the most developed characters in a first year series ever. You end up caring about every one of them including the “terrorists” which is no easy feat.

Best Comedy: Tie – Louie (FX) and Community (NBC)

Our other tie goes to two shows that are different from anything else on TV. The one thing they both do a lot though is tear down the third wall and let you in on the joke. Louie is incredibly dark and incredibly funny and I for one have no idea how Louis C.K. manages to produce write and direct every episode without killing himself. Community on the other hand is about as strange as it gets with some of the best writing on TV. Community is ratings challenged and lets hope that NBC keeps it around.

Firefly award for best old fashioned Sci-fi: Falling Skies

Falling Skies is so good that it ruined Terra Nova. We admit that if we had not been sated by the well done Falling Skies we would have been more likely to give Terra Nova a break, but after watching Falling Skies Terra Nova is a huge let down. We all want to and can envision fighting off the “skittters” while the dinosaurs just seem too movie like to us. Then there is the acting of an ensemble cast led by Noah Wyle that is right on. You cant go wrong with Falling Skies and we are anxiously awaiting its return.

EN TV Show of the Year: Game of Thrones (HBO)

Not just one of the best sci-fi shows on television, but the best TV this year by far as you are drawn into the world of Game of Thrones and it becomes an addiction. It’s been a while since TV this good was made and of course it would have to come from HBO


Song of the Year: “Firework” Katy Perry

This songs message touched fans all over the world and we all know it whether we want to or not. It’s nominated for the Record of the Year but we picked it because it’s the one song we have heard sung by everyone from grandmas to little kids who all seem to love it.

Album of the Year: “21” Adele

Retro soul with a touch of Motown and jazz this album was a runaway hit and rightly so as Adele turned the breakup of a relationship into soul baring music you can feel. It is quite early in her career to say this, but based on her first two albums, Adele may quite possibly be the artist of our time.

Most Annoying Musician: Lady Gaga

OK “lady” your 15 minutes are up.

Web Series:

This is the year that original content on the web came into its own. This coming year we are getting original content from Google, Yahoo, and AOL so it should just continue to get better.

Best Web Series: The Confession (Hulu)

The Confession was a ten part original series made for the web with Kiefer Sutherland and if you missed it you have got to go right now to Netflix and watch it. This was a game changer as with its star power and how well made it was it has already created a movie deal and international deals as well.

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