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The 12 Movies to see in 2012

the_dark_knight_rises_one_sheetEvery month we go to the movies. Sometimes three or four times even, but we budget in one must see movie every month all year long. These are the movies we will see this year for sure. We may see more, but these will all be seen on the big screen and after looking at the releases this could be a very good year for Hollywood after a down 2011. Now these are not necessarily going to be the best movies of 2012, but the ones we want to see on the big screen. We can wait for the small screen for romantic comedies and the like. These are the larger than life event movies we go see on the big screen. Here they are in no particular order.

1.  Dark Knight Rises – The trilogy comes to a close. Can the box office survive Bad batman

2.  John Carter of Mars – Honestly I am terrified that Disney is going to screw this one up, but it’s still a must see.

3. Men In Black III – Will Smith is back and its about time.

4. The Avengers – More is better in this case and we love Whedon and Downey. This is going to be good.

5.  The Amazing Spiderman – Spidey goes back to high school in another reboot and it should be another fun ride.

6.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Reliving our childhood middle earth fascination.

7.  Prometheus – Ridley Scott and Aliens. What else needs to be said

8.  Resident Evil: Retribution – Sexy as hell Milla Jovovich is back and that’s good enough for us

9.  Battleship – This will probably be a train wreck, but we still have to find out.

10. The Bourne Legacy – The modern day Bond is always a fun ride.

11. The Hunger Games – We are hoping it’s like Twilight only not so flaming and our daughter will force this one.

12. G.I. Joe: Retaliation – The first one was better than it got credit for for what it is and this time it has The Rock and Bruce Willis so it can only get better.

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