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Iron Sky HD Trailer

iron_sky_poster_smallThe trailer for Iron Sky is burning up the internet with already over a million views. Not bad for a non Hollywood movie. The budget for this movie is about 7.5 million Euros with a large amount coming from crowdsourcing. Not only are they crowd sourcing parts of the budget, but at wreckamovie they are crowdsourcing all sorts of thematic elements like radio messages, a game and more. This movie has all the makings of being a huge underground hit. From the looks of the trailer, the acting is good, the writing is good, and the humor is everywhere. We for one cannot wait to get our hands on this one.

Iron Sky, a dark sci-fi comedy, premieres February 11th at the Berlin International Film Festival. In theaters that have the balls on 4th of April 2012. Check out the website here.


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