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March Movie Watch


Here comes the Spring. March used to be where they put the movies that were just not quite ready for Summer status, but lately some blockbusters have been trying to beat the Summer rush and this year is no exception so here are our five picks for the March releases and what we think about them before seeing them.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – March 2nd

This looks like a fantastic and fun family movie. It’s Dr. Seuss after all so it must be great and the trailer is fantastic and Danny Devito is cast perfectly. Plus it’s got Betty White and she is just hot.

John Carter – March 9th

This movie is not tracking well in early looks and it just may be too ambitious a project. Every time we see the trailer we can just see the CGI. We are really hoping we are wrong and of course we will go see it, but this looks like it could be the biggest flop of the year in terms of budget versus box office.

21 Jump Street – March 16th

When we first heard about this we were confused, why would anyone make a movie about a teen heartthrob TV show. Then we saw the trailer and this looks to be hilarious and Jonah Hill hardly ever misses.

The Hunger Games – March 23rd

This is our pick for the winner of the month as another series of teen movies gets kicked off and it looks like it is going to be big so far. The trailer certainly has our attention and at least we won’t have to be dragged to the theater to see these, unlike the Twilight series which were my worst nightmare.

Mirror Mirror – March 30th

We really are just not sure about this one yet, The trailer is interesting, but are we ready for a twisted version of Snow White? This is really twisted apparently. How about two?

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