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Star Trek: Into Darkness teaser keeps fans guessing

Is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan… or is it Gary Mitchell? The teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness leaves fans guessing, but it may even not be either one of them, but some kind of villain that takes from both storylines. Remember J.J. Abrams likes messing with your head. The shot above is taken from the Japanese trailer and has fans speculating that Spock will die as he did in the iconic original Wrath of Khan where the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) suffered a fatal blast of radiation to save the Enterprise, in what was arguably the most iconic and dramatic scene of the entire film series.

There are lots of other shots that have fans guessing as there are several scenes that show Alice Eve in what many are saying looks like a science/medical officer uniform… could she be playing Nurse Christine Chapel. We also have to wonder if the Enterprise now somehow has submarine powers, or does it crash into the ocean? Does Spock survive? Who the heck is the villain?

We will have to wait just 6 more months to find out the answer to these and many more questions. One thing about J.J. He likes to have fun with us while we wait.

Teaser Trailer:

Japanese Version with iconic hands shot at the end:


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