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Weston Cage offered three options in DUI case

Weston Cage has three options for his driving under the influence (DUI) charges.

The 26-year-old son of Nicolas Cage pled no contest following a police car chase in February, which ended when he ran into a tree in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley and along with his three-year probation, three-month alcohol treatment plan and fines, Weston has been given three choices by a judge. 

TMZ reports that Weston can complete 350 hours of community service, 30 days of community labor or 45 days in county jail.

It was previously reported that Weston’s blood alcohol was almost twice the legal limit, when he reportedly got into an accident but fled before the police arrived. He was then caught later and was subjected to one of the many residential treatment centers and then sent to a penitentiary.

This led to the chase in which he hit a number of mailboxes and a street sign before ploughing into the tree.

Weston – whose mother is Christina Fulton – has been open about his alcohol addiction in the past but said in 2015 that he stopped drinking when his son Lucian was born.

Speaking when Lucian was 14 months old, West said: “He saved my life because as soon as I saw him I didn’t want to drink anymore. It’s been over one year and I have not had a drop of alcohol. It’s just not worth it. And I don’t miss the hangovers.”

Weston admitted to previously that he used to drink 30 beers, a box of wine and hard spirits every day and said: “alcohol became a nightmare”.

He added: “You have to know what type of alcoholic you are. I was the kind that drank until I was unconscious. I knew I could not go on living that way. I knew there had to be a better life.

“It’s dangerous because you can get taken advantage of, you can’t protect your family when you are that out of it. I don’t miss the hangovers, I don’t miss the bad feelings and the bad dreams.”

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