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‘Marvel Celebrates the Movies:’ Marvel Studios previews upcoming films, looks at back at MCU so far – WPVI

PHILADELPHIA — Marvel Studios is celebrating the movies that make up its cinematic universe – those from the past and those yet to be released – as fans make their way back to theaters.

In a three-minute video released Monday that surely set off the spider-senses of superhero supporters from Asgard to Wakanda, Marvel reflected on the films of the past as it set the stage for its next phase.

The “Marvel Celebrates the Movies” video begins with a narration from the late Stan Lee as scenes from past MCU films are shown.

Lee says:

The video then takes us to April 26, 2019 – opening night of “Avengers: Endgame” where the audience reacts together in a theater, something many have not been able to do for over a year.

The Marvel Studios opening sequence then breaks in to take us to the future.

Scenes from the following films are shown along with their release date:

Then Marvel unleashes an explosion of titles for future releases:

And a final teaser – a logo that Marvel fans would say is, well, “fantastic!”

The video ends with Marvel telling its fans – “See you at the movies.”

Disney is the parent company of Marvel and this ABC station.

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