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Young authors pen books in Avon Schools

AVON, Ohio — Avon Local Schools gifted coordinator Melanie Whiting has been teaching children in grades 3-5 how to write and publish a book of their own for close to 10 years now.

“It is a project that is open to all students in grades 3-5, who have the chance to author and publish their own book in a variety of ways,” Whiting said of the Young Authors program.

“The publishing is self-publishing. They write their book in a hardbound, bare book. And they also illustrate and, this year, they can create using Google Slides — a Google Drive version of Power Point — and they also have access to Book Creator,” she said.

“When the books are complete, they record their book on Flipgrid, which is a website where you can record and upload videos and share them with a learning community. I will be sharing a link with our school and parents for a virtual Young Authors open house. It will be an opportunity to share their book.

“They also will have the chance to meet our guest author, Louise Borden. She did the assemblies, which were recorded, and she also did some pre-recorded Google Meet sessions for the students.

“Borden will see the finished videos and dialogue with them about their completed books,” she said.

The Young Authors program gives students the opportunity to achieve a great accomplishment — writing a book, “which is no small task,” Whiting said.

She noted that students not only work on developing their writing skills “as they work through the brainstorming, drafting and editing process, but they also have the opportunity to let their creativity shine as they develop unique stories and

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