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Best new movies and shows this week include ‘Tenet,’ ‘Girls5eva’ and ‘The Boy From Medellín’

B-movie dynamite who flared with menace, brutality and complexity, Robert Ryan remains one of the movies’ greatest and most essential actors, one whose power and compassion is just as potent today as it was in the postwar years that he helped define on screen. Ryan was, famously, an incredible paradox. On-screen, he was a racist, a bigot, a gangster and a bully. Off-screen, he was one of Hollywood’s leading progressives and a social activist. The Criterion Channel has assembled some of Ryan’s best in a new streaming series and a delicious feast of noir. Highlights include Nicholas Ray’s “On Dangerous Ground” (1951), with Ryan as a hardened and solitary police detective changed by a case in the country and an encounter with a blind woman (Ida Lupino); John Sturges’ “Bad Day at Black Rock” (1955), a taut, 81-minute thriller about a stranger (Spencer Tracy) in a strange desert town run by Ryan; and Robert Wise’s electric portrait of racial divided ’50s America, “Odds Against Tomorrow” (1959), with Ryan as a racist ex-con teamed with Harry Belafonte (a real-life friend of Ryan’s) for a heist.

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